January 23rd, 2015 – 10 Things We Would Like to See

January 23rd Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast.  This weeks show featured Aaron and Terry reflecting on not just 2014 but our industry for years past, and discussing 10 industry ideas and improvements we would like to see for the coming 2015.

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10 Industry Ideas and Improvements for 2015

-Review the 2014 Discussion – http://2regularguys.com/10-things/

Discussion of past industry changes

Mark Coudray’s list of industry changes

  1. TShirt 1.0 = Automation in the 70s and 80s
  2. TShirt 2.0 = Desktop Publishing 80s and 90s
  3. TShirt 3.0 = Marketing going Digital Today

Digital age has taken over paper, and moving well into garments

Industry seems to be innovating again

Aaron: Idea 1: Still looking for our industry to get more social. Lots of Facebook being used it seems so that is good, but would love to see more embracing of Twitter and other channels based on the fact that Facebook is choking off posts to get ad revenue.

Terry: Idea 2: In DTG, would love to see an ink system that requires no pretreatment

Aaron: Idea 3: Improvements in the heat transfer world for both inkjet and Laser. There are some great papers out there, but most of the major manufactures have pretty much left the paper the same for the last 5 or 10 years in some cases. It is good, but could it be better?

Terry: Idea 4: Back to DTG, would like to see a more ready-for-printing pretreat shirt line.

Aaron: Idea 5: Innovations in Sublimation on the small format side. Get ink costs down and look for more competition and new technologies.

Terry: Idea 6: A 100% polyester option in DTG, either through pretreat development or inks.

Aaron: Idea 7: Some more young blood asserting themselves and pushing the industry forward even more. Great to have all the big names still around for the most part, but its time to start seeming some innovation and respect given to the younger generation of folks in the industry.

Terry: Idea 8: Direct-to-screen for the small to medium shop would be a great time, efficiency and cost saving option on the screen printing production floor.

Aaron: Idea 9: More Heat Press Innovation and something between small format and larger format. Plus the larger format guys have to get their costs and we need more people in that market. All Over Garments etc.

Terry: Idea 10: More professionalism in our industry. There have been great strides, but you still hear those ridiculous comments from sales people, and shills on the forums, etc.

From the Chat Room:

KristineShreve: Pinterest is such a good tool for decorators – I wish more used it.

alanhowe01: i have not started to use Pinterest, been fb and twitter

KristineShreve: Alan, Pinterest is a great place to show your customers what you can do.  It can really inspire ideas.

alanhowe01: Kristine, i am going to have to check it out

KristineShreve: Definitely do that Alan.  I think it will be worth it.

KristineShreve: I missed that one, Terry.   I’m bummed about that.

KristineShreve: That’s not quite accurate.  I think ridiculous has it’s place.   Humor is fun.

2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration: So what things do you guys want to see from our industry in 2015?

KristineShreve: I’d love to see more institutionalized help for decorators.   Especially for disciplines other than embroidery.   There’s the NNEP for embroidery,  but what is there for DTG or sublimation?

KristineShreve: I know people help each other,  and there are Facebook groups and such,  but it would be nice to see trade organizations offering help to newbies.

alanhowe01: the fire fly is a game changer i think in dryer technology

alanhowe01: its tough with newbies on the screen printing side because of such bad information on the web and online ..everyone can be an expert behind a key board

KristineShreve: I think that extends to all decorating techniques Alan.   There’s so much bad info out there,  and so many “experts” who aren’t – that it can be hard to know who to trust and listen to.

alanhowe01: good morning Greg

alanhowe01: yeah I agree Kristen ,..its frustrating and i think it dumbs down our industry

KristineShreve: I think it’s both the blessing and the curse of the Internet – more info is available,  but not all of it is good or accurate.

GregKitson: I’m late, any discussion about the GREAT show in LB, best in years from my viewpoint,

2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration: Greg – Yup. We all agreed!

alanhowe01: Greg yea it has been talked about , I agree it was one of the best in years ,

alanhowe01: been a long time since i have enjoyed one so much

alanhowe01: Terry does that not go hand in hand with pretreat and ink development

alanhowe01: ok just mentioned

alanhowe01: you can print it just not wash it

GregKitson: New blood speakers and writers, give me names and I will mentor!!

2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration: Greg – That would be awesome.

GregKitson: Pierre Jimnecky has stepped up to the plate and is providing incredible stuff.

alanhowe01: the Brown dryer is from third generation ..and thought outside the box of dryer technologies

GregKitson: Steve Harpold is a great example

alanhowe01: agreed Pierre is into it

GregKitson: Megan Haines of Middletown ink is a rising star, look for great stuff from her

alanhowe01: dude i love the guys i get support from on my first seminar .. greg. terry, richard greaves, james ortolani, rick davis …i have not said thank you for the investment over the years …Thank you

alanhowe01: Megan is awesome

GregKitson: I wear my old fart t-shirt with pride,

alanhowe01: Thanks

alanhowe01:  new speaker 28 year industry .. started at 19.

GregKitson: 25 screen ROI DTS at 60K I can prove it

alanhowe01: oh the days when Robert Roberts of lee screen in Texas called me the Boy Wonder when i was with Jay products

KristineShreve: Ooh,  I agree with this one!  More professionalism is vital.  More honesty – more behaving like business people.

alanhowe01: Industry Professional

alanhowe01: every one is a an expert behind a key board….as i type this

JeffBrown7: thank you guys

KristineShreve: Very funny Terry!   I was waiting for that.

KristineShreve: If you Tweet it, give me credit.

alanhowe01: I sat in on marshall aktison sustainability seminar, and that is something in our industry that i would like to see more focus

alanhowe01: environmentally, personally, and industry wide

GregKitson: SGIA is refocusing on apparel, check out SGIA.org

KristineShreve: SGIA is a good organization –  and they go good work – glad they’re focusing more on apparel.

alanhowe01: Greg, marci emailed me about being part of peer to peer, and replied back i would like to be more involved with sgia

JeffBrown7: great show today guys, thanks again for the podcast at ISS Long Beach.  See you in Atlantic City


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