10 Ways to Increase Sales to Your Existing Customers


Join hosts Aaron and Terry as they reveal simple strategies to increase sales to your existing customers. In this episode, they’ll share practical tips to make your customers feel special, offer additional services, and gather feedback to improve your business. Whether you’re new to business or a pro, this episode will help you make more sales and grow your profits. Tune in and discover how to maximize your revenue from your current customer base!

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Dad Joke

Aaron: I was going to give archery a shot.

But there were too many drawbacks.

10 Ways to Increase Sales

1 Aaron: The easiest customer to sell to is the customer you already have…

  • As businesses, we spend so much time trying to win new business.
  • The most profitable way to grow is through your existing customers.
  • Already ‘trained’, already on the same page with expectations, and already in your system.
  • 80/20 Rule – 80% of your income 20% of your customers
  • Tip #1 – Make the most important customers (Top 20%) your Priority

2 Terry: Do good work. Deliver on time. “Don’t tell me it’s the economy.”

3 Aaron: Bundles or package deals.

  • Help them understand what they might not know they need
  • Doesn’t have to include discounting

4 Terry: Sample other products when a customer orders from you. Do you do hats? What’s a product you have available that would be a natural for this end customer? Put one in the box.

5 Aaron: Persistence, Reach out often

  • Find the balance. Don’t want to overwhelm them with pitches, but want to stay top of mind.
  • Requires research, personalization, and a CRM
  • Leave every interaction with an excuse for the next one.
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6 Terry: Sample other decoration techniques when a customer orders.

7 Aaron: Gather Feedback OFTEN

  • Your customer’s needs and preferences will change, stay on top of it!
  • Don’t just send surveys. Have sit-downs, zoom calls
  • Let them know you care.

8 Terry: Help your customer sell more products. Can you set up a store online for them? Offer referrals to them?

9 Aaron: Redesign your customer policies around your ideal customers

  • What is in it for them? Why is that a policy?
  • Also a great way to avoid the PITA Customers / Rubs against your values.

10 Terry: Offer additional services: drop shipping, special packaging, fulfillment, etc.


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