10th Annual REGGIE Nominees Announcement


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We are excited to bring you the complete nominations for the 2022 REGGIE Awards. This is our 10th annual “peoples choice” style industry awards, and we will be announcing all of the nominees as well as the 5 people that you will be voting for during the month of November. Then we will crown the 2021 REGGIE Winners on  December 9th. This is one of the most important shows we do each year because this is where we get to recognize all of the people who have made a difference in our industry.

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REGGIE Nominees

Here are some ground rules for nominating:

  • You must nominate a company or individual in at least seven of the 10 categories. Nomination forms that have less than 7 categories filled in will be tossed out and not counted.
  • To encourage a wider range of participation from around the industry, we are limiting nominations to a maximum of two categories per company or individual. In the case a company or individual receives nominations in more than two categories, the top two vote counts per category will be used.
  • Nominations close on November 10th at 5 PM Central Time. This is a hard date, so no emails afterwards asking us to make an exception.
  • Nominee announcements will be November 11th
  • Voting will take place beginning December 8th at 5 PM Central Time
  • Winners will be announced on our show December 9th


137 Nominations Forms Completed – 33 Kicked out for not following instructions. Not bad, 75% of the industry took time to read. 

(Other Comment) – You need to add a category for Best Dad Joke!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. Best New Product – This category is for products that have impacted our industry in 2022. These products must have been released in the last 3 years and have not made the voting before. (We will do our best to police, but we can’t verify every product was released in the last 3 years.

Merrowly by Embrilliance – Last Year


3D Puff tool by Justin Armenta

Glitter DTF transfers from Fat Dad

Siser DTV

360iq press

Bill Guard  https://www.signcodesigns.com/bill-guard

Bottle Caddies by Blanktastics

Cut Needle – Vitordigitizing  -Luiz vitor Mendes Neto

Double Squeegee – Action Engineering

East West Machines

HTV Anything – The Rhinestone World

Image Armor Platinum

Siser Juliet Vinyl Cutter

Supacolor Hybrid-Printed Heat Transfers

Wind Spinners by Taz Cre8tion Metals, steel with sublimation powder coating. 100% Veteran Owned.

Voting On

Threadconverter.com Matt Enderle

Sublimation Paints from Artesprix

Corel Font Collector by TRW

Stahls – Ultra Color Max Transfers

Chenille Native BX font from Lynnie Pinnie Embroidery

  1. Best Customer Service (List the Company and Person) – Share a specific company and if there is a person who stands out there, share them too. This company and team member are customer service oriented. These companies have specific policies in place that are customer service oriented and put their customers first in our industry.

Sublimation 101 – Michael Kaminsky – Last Year


Corey Downing – Fat Dad

Nicky Adamkiewitz – The Sassy Subber

Rene from Texmac


Stahls transfer express

DBG Print Shop (Driven by Graphics) Marvin Peardon … Blank Products, EcoSolvent Printing, and supplies.

TRW Matt Vassallo

Wilcom Australia – Brenden Prazner

Barudan- Brandon Stone

Bill Patel craft Express

Blanktastic – Claire Sheppard. 

Cheryl Simon  TransferExpress

Clay Barbera – CorelTrainer.com

ColDesi, Mark Stephenson


Creek Manufacturing

Embrilliance Support – Jim Kassing

Equipment Zone – Roy Huseman

Fat Dad Custom Designs

GSG – Graphic Solutions Group – Mark Granberry-President

Howard Custom Transfers – Linda Bacon


Jerilee Medearis… Sunfacer

Joe Mellen – S&S Activewear

Liz beavers from gsg

Nancy at Supacolor

Night Owls

Printed Mint – Always overperforms

Roy Huseman, Equipment Zone trainer and technician

RREM Distributors.  

Sandy jo pilgram

SanMar Teresa Riley

SanMar.  Misty wolverton

Sheila @ Designs by Babymoon

Todd Downing

Voting On

Vik Patel – Craft Express

Marvin Peardon- Driven By Graphics Supply Co

Amanda Jordan -True Digital Artistry

Lisa Shaw – Embrilliance

Pilar Harrison – The Rhinestone World

  1. Best Industry Educator – This category is to recognize the best educator in our industry during 2022. This is someone who writes for the industry magazines, presents seminars or webinars, or otherwise educates people to improve our industry. This person should be focused on education rather than offering infomercial type content.

Laurie Donovan – Sawgrass Product Ambassador – Last Year


Justin Armenta – JA Digitizing & The Embroidery Nerd

Lisa Shaw

Josh Ellsworth from Stahls’

Marshall Atkinson

Jeff Fuller

Dave Conner Transfer Express

Aaron Montgomery- OSG

Cassie Green, Apparelist/PRINTING United Alliance

Dane Clement – Great Dane Graphics

Jay Busselle, Terry Combs

Juna – Detour Shirts

Kristine Shreve

Mark Coudray

Marvin Peardon- Driven By Graphics Supply Co

Pilar Harrison

Richard Greaves

Richard Tilley

Voting On

Nicky Adamkiewicz The Sassy Subber

Laurie Donovan – SG Creative Studio Workshops

Erich Campbell

Matt Vassallo – The Rhinestone World

Todd Downing – Fat Dad

  1. Best Podcast or Online Education – This category is to recognize a podcast, online blog, video platform, virtual event, training sessions or other online platforms that provide the best educational content in our industry. If it is education on the internet it fits in this category! 

2 Regular Guys


Eric Campbell The Take Up


Morning Mindset – Todd Downing

Lisa Shaw sew-bubbles

The Embroidery Nerd – The Needle Bar Live

Shirt Show – Dylan & Andy

Kristine Shreve’s Women + Business – Kristine is paving the way for women to have a stronger, better voice in the industry, but in a business sense. Many of her guests share their business experience and advice for other women and beyond. She also makes an effort to educate on a variety of topics.

Laurie Donovan Sawgrass Product Ambassador Zoom calls

Stahls’ TV on You Tube

Embroidery Nerds      Jeff , Justin, Matt

CASPodcast, Custom Apparel Startup Podcast

Needle Bar- Embroidery Nerds.

OSG community

P.O.D. Cast with Travis and Josiah

Ramona McKee- Quick2Stitch- Coffee and Conversation

Roland online videos

Tacos with Jay & Jeff video show

Small Business Saturdays – Aaron Montgomery

Toast to Transfers

Transfer Express Webinars

Voting On

Meghan Rodenhouse Craft Express live demos

Nicky Adamkiewitz – The Sassy Subber

The Rhinestone World

2 Regular Guys Podcast

Tuesday with Todd-Todd Downing

  1. Best Industry Trade Show – This category has reentered the REGGIE Awards this year since many in-person events have taken place in 2022. We want to recognize the in person event that best supported, educated and provided networking for the decorators community in 2022.

Appliqué Getaway


DAX Kansas City

Pinners Ft Worth


Everything Embroidery Market

ISS Fort Worth

ISS Shows, Atlantic City

Voting On

Print United Las Vegas

DAX Chicago

Impressions Expo Long Beach

Appliqué Getaway

Graphics Pro Expo Charlotte

  1. Most Influential Up and Comer in the Industry – This category is to recognize the under 40 crowd in our industry. This nominee should exemplify all the positive aspects of garment and product decoration. Before nominating, please be sure the person is in fact under 40.

Crystal Baugh – The Rhinestone World 


 Rich Kuhn (Hustle Ninjas)

Jenna Sackett

Adrienne Palmer – Screen Printing Magazine

Abby Clarke from Transfer Express

ApareciumDesignCo Ashley Dodd

Austin Caldwell – Snappy Press

Corey Pendergraft

Dave Conner

Erastus snorweah

Eric Solomon – Night Owls

Jessica Snyder – Envision Tees

Joe Piazza – Siser

Katie Wubben

Kelly Walters

Lee Stewart

Luis Vitor, Vitordigitizing

Lyndsey with Linnie Pinnie Embroidery

Patrick Ali

Richard (King) Tilley, ROQ.US

RJ Silva

Sergio Ramirez

Stan Banks

Val Solomon

Voting On

Adam Fuller – BJJ Hats

Steven Wingler

Amanda – True Digital Artistry

Lisa Potts

Jeff, from the Embroidery Nerds

  1. Women in Garment Decorating Award – Based on our quarterly show of the same name, this category is meant to recognize the person who is doing the most to raise the profile of women in the industry.

Nicky Adamkiewicz


Nicky Adamkiewitz – The Sassy Subber

Corey Downing

Adrienne Palmer – Screen Printing Magazine

Jenna Sacket from Stahls’

Lisa Potts

Ali Banholzer

Kelly Walters: Stahls

Valerie Solomon – Night Owls

Megan Erber

Amber Massey

Becky with Power Tools in Thread

Cassie Green

Julie Trosen Blue Moose Boutique

Kellie DeFries – Crystal Ninja

Kim Johnson – Paisley Jo Designs

Kylene Montgomery

Laurie Donovan

Lee Carolseli at balboa threadworks

Marj Esterling

Melissa from Silhouette School

Michelle glab

Nancy Moran Julian of Huckleberry Ink

Stephanie Young

Tanya Doyscher

Voting On

Lauren Owens

Kristine Shreve

Lyndsie Salcido Lynnie Pinnie

Pilar Harrison

Ramona McKee

  1. Most Inspirational Decorators Community Member – This is for anyone in the industry who has shown their ability to step above the fighting, debating and commiserating (blaming, complaining, & excuse making) and lead with encouragement, motivation and inspiration. Group leaders or moderators or just those that are always uplifting.

Nicky Adamkiewicz


Frank Dunn

Luis Vitor,  Vitordigitizing

Marvin Peardon- Driven By Graphics Supply Co

Aaron Montgomery

Kristine Shreve

Laurie Donovan

Matt Vassallo

Ramona McKee

Ryan Moor of ROQ

Allyson Collins

Driven by Graphics- Marvin

Erastus snorweah

Eric Solomon

Jed Seifert, Stakes Manufacturing

Jeffrey Paul – Youngone

Joe, owner of Heart and Hustle

Josh Ellsworth

Linda Sunny Fox

Lisa Shaw

Mike Henriquez – Potato Chimps

Pilar Harrison

Ross Hunter/UNITE Together

Shelia @ Babymoon designs

Stan Banks: T-shirt Side Hustle

Trevor Murphy

Voting On

Nicky Adamkiewicz The Sassy Subber

Lauren Owens

Todd Downing from Fat Dad Custom Designs

Skip Davis

Erich Campbell

  1. Best Guest on 2 Regular Guys Podcast – This category is to recognize the guest on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast that provided the most information that helped your business and was entertaining.

NOTE: Those of you pushing your folks to vote. Make sure you are also encouraging them to watch and be educated voters. Many people in this category that were never on the show this year.

The Embroidery Nerds


Decorators & Marketing : Marj Easterling of Big Lick Screen Printing LLC, Deanna Smith of N the Zone Ink, and Amber Penny Massey

Erich Campbell

Gloria Lafont

Hope Dale and Cristina Schulman – Everything Embroidery Market

Jay Busselle

Jed Seifert

Josh Ellsworth

Joshua Carruth

Kristine Shreve

Max Hellman – Live Event Printing

Richard Tilly

Victor Pena

Voting On

Nicky Adamkiewicz The Sassy Subber

Laurie Donovan

Lisa Potts

John Morris of Club Colors

Jenna Sacket from Stahls’

  1. Best Ambassador for the Industry – This category is to recognize someone who represents our industry, within and without and exemplifies all the positive aspects of garment and product decoration.

Erich Campbell


Matt Vassallo – The Rhinestone World

Skip Davis

Luiz Vitor

Pilar Harrison

Stan Banks of T-Shirt Side Hustle

Amanda J – true digital artistry

Brett Bowden

Brian Bailie Creator of Embrilliance

Cassie Green

Charlie Taubleib

Dannesh Kassamali Silky Socks

Dave with Transfer Express

Driven by Graphics – Marvin

Eric Solomon

Joshua Carruth, PRINTING United Alliance

Justin Armenta

Lauren Owens

Lisa Shaw

Lon Winters – Graphic Elephants

Mark Suhadolnik

Marvin Peardon- Driven By Graphics Supply Co

Meghan Rodenhouse -craft express us for her live videos

Michael, Sublimation 101

Sprite Rose Wood, Conde Systems

Terry Combs

Voting On

Laurie Donovan

Todd Downing

Nicky Adamkiewicz

Erich Campbell

Aaron Montgomery


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