All Over Sublimation – The two basic items are a wide format printer (44” or larger) and a wide format heat press. To accommodate a men’s x-large or larger shirt, you would need a press that is 44”x64” or larger. Of course, there are a few accessory items that you will need such as Kraft paper, and some heat resistant gloves should you ever do any sublimation with metals, tiles, or other items of that nature.

What some people are not aware of is the delivery and work area needed for the large format heat press. These types of presses weigh in around 3500 pounds or more – if you don’t have a forklift on hand – renting one for the day of delivery is necessary. You will also need an open space to get the press into your workshop, and make sure the floor can accommodate the weight of your press. Wide format heat presses also need more electricity than your standard heat press – always ask about the electrical needs.  The next item to consider is a well-ventilated space – a small room with no access to fresh air is not an ideal location.  If you are looking at getting an air operated press – an air compressor will be needed as well.

Don’t let this all scare you – once you get the press – you will enjoy using it and becoming the envy of all your competitors.  Large format presses are well worth the task of getting it installed and the investment. They can do everything a standard press can do – and so much more, which also means so much more profit $$