2 Regular Guys 2017 Mad March Brackets Challenge

The brackets are BACK! Take on Terry and Aaron in the annual fun event and have a chance to win some money. Can you beat the 2 Regular Guys when it comes to picking NCAA Basketball games?

The cost is only $10 per bracket you enter. You can enter up to 10 brackets and as long as we have over 20 brackets, we will pay down to 4th place. Please make sure to tell all your friends to the come join the 2 Regular Guys in the Madness of March. We will need Payment before you can enter your brackets and we are only taking Payment via PayPal. Go to the Payment Page – http://2regularguys.com/mmpayment/

Once you submit the payment head to our Brackets at the CBS Sports page. You can enter brackets till the tip-off of the first game on the 16th of March, 2017.

You must pick a winner for each game all the way to the finals and select the combined score of the final game. The scoring will be via Standard Scoring. Points are awarded based on the points assigned for that round.

Round 1 – 1 Point for correct pick
Round 2 – 2 Points for correct pick
Round of 16 – 4 Points for correct pick
Round of 8 – 8 Points for correct pick
Final 4 – 16 Points for correct pick
Finals – 32 Points for correct pick
(Combine score of the final game is used as a tie breaker, then picked champion, then most teams in the final 4.)

Payouts (With Minimum 20 brackets)
1st Place – 50% of overall pot.
2nd Place – 25% of overall pot.
3rd Place – 15% of overall pot.
4th Place – 10% of overall pot.
(With less than 20 brackets, we will only pay out to 3rd place and 2nd will get 30% and 3rd will get 20%)

Let the Madness begin!