2018 REGGIE Awards Nominee Announcements


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. The nominations have been tallied, and the 5 finalists for 10 coveted REGGIE awards are being announced. This is a great way for us to recognize deserving people in the industry, as well as have some fun and promotes some great online competition. Not only are we listing out all of the 5 finalists who will be voted on until December 13th, 2018, but everyone who has been nominated gets a shout out. Enjoy!

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2018 REGGIE Awards Finalists

Aaron: Nearly 200 nominations this year, so thanks everyone for turning out. Again, just a reminder, we have nothing to do with the nominees. We don’t pick them, or decide one over the other. The people/companies who were nominated the most times are the ones who will be vying for the REGGIES

1) Best New Product

Bling Anything (The Rhinestone World)

Embrilliance Stitch Artist 3D foam underlay

Epson F2100 DTG Printer

The Design Wizard Software from TRW

WALAKut Express from HTW

Others Receiving Nominations:

996MR – really has played a key role this year because of the fleece outages

Allmade T-shirts

Bwm Hopkins Flood Bar.

Coloreel – It hasn’t landed yet, but it’s very interesting. It’s a thread dying system that colors a polyester thread while it’s being stitched on the machine so that you only ever spool up one cone of white thread and use one needle to achieve logos. If it holds up, there’s some real potential there for a certain segment.

GO SubliMate Printer Kit

Hatch by Wilcom

Insta 256

Ricoma cht-2 4 head

Siser Easy PSV (pressure sensitive vinyl)

Stahls new Metallic colors!

2) Best Sales or Customer Service Representative

Gabe Hernandez – The Rhinestone World (25)

Kristene Shreve, EnMart (4)

Lisa Potts – The Rhinestone World (33)

Mitchell Ruebke – Heat Transfer Warehouse (6)

Sean Moreau The Rhinestone World (12)

Others Receiving Nominations:

Bill Cohen Allstitch.net

Brenda Shiftlett

Brian Boylan – has really been an outstanding sales rep for Fruit of the Loom’s brands

Brock Jensen M&R

Chris Skarstad, RhinoTech

Erich Campbell

Greg Brown with AWDis

Helen Bay

Henry Ma

Joe Piazza

Matt Vassallo the Rhinestone World

Mike Duke – Sanmar

Monty Mims – San Mar

Nate Leber – Leber Design & Print

Nick Wood – Ryonet (2)

Randy Rickert

Tim Fisher – CCI

Tony Bragg, SPSI

3) Company that Provides the Best Customer Service

Embrilliance (3)

Heat Transfer Warehouse (7)

Ricoma International Corporation (3)

SanMar (6)

The Rhinestone World (TRW) (86)

Others Receiving Nominations:

651Vinyl.com Troy Young

Bill Cohen Allstitch.net


Equipment Zone

Insta graphic systems






SLC Activewear


4) Best Online Educational Content

ErichCampbell.com (6)

Heat Transfer Warehouse You Tube Channel (5)

OML Embroidery University (18)

Ted Stahls Blog (2)

The Rhinestone World You Tube Channel (80)

Others Receiving Nominations:



Crafting with Rhinestones and Vinyl



InkSoft The Big Idea Podcast

machine embroidery help–facebook

Stahls TV youtube channel

Sublimation and more for Facebook group

Teach Me That

The Embroider Life – Facebook

The Print Life

5) Best Industry Educator

Erich Campbell (14)

Gabe Hernandez – The Rhinestone World (2)

Lisa Potts – The Rhinestone World (5)

Matt Vassallo of The Rhinestone World (67)

Sue Brown, OML University, OML Embroidery (4)

Others Receiving Nominations:

Brett Bowden, Printed Threads, SGIA

Chris Pluck

Doug DeWitt, Conde

Greg Kitson with Minds Eye Graphics

Henry Ma

Jeanene Edwards, Fruit of the Loom

Kevin Kauth

Lisa Shaw/Embrilliance

Ryan Moor

Shyanne Scott – SLC Activewear

Tom Rauen – Envision Tees

6) Best Industry Trade Show

DAX Chicago (33)

ISS Atlantic City (4)

ISS Long Beach (23)

ISS Orlando (3)

NBM Indianapolis (3)

Others Receiving Nominations:

All things Silhouette

ASI Dallas

DAX Kansas City

ISS Ft Worth

Nbm Charlotte


7) Best Decorated Item

(Had some nominations, but no images uploaded…)

Matt Vasallo TRW

Tanya from My Vinyl Cut, LLC

Chris Skarstad, RhinoTech

Heat Transfer Warehouse


8) Most Influential Young Star

Brooke Hestdalen (Heat Transfer Warehouse) (2)

Erich Campbell (3)

Gabe Hernandez – TRW (14)

Lisa Potts – The Rhinestone World (51)

Pete Junior New Era Apparel (13)

Others Receiving Nominations:

Brett Bowden, Printed Threads

Cam Earven – Vlogger with The Print Life

Henry Ma Ricoma

Joe Piazza – Siser

Justin Lawrence – Oklahoma Shirt Co

Justin McDole – Fruit of the Loom, JERZEES, and Russell Athletics

Laura Gomez – Ricoma

Nate Leber – Leber Design and Print LLC

Olivia Dean, marketing associate at Madeira USA

Sean Moreau The Rhinestone World He’s a great teacher (2)

Taylor Frank

Tom Rauen – Print Marketing group

Tyler Dowdy – Abercrombie and Fitch – IDC Supervisor

9) Best Guest on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast

(People got nominated that have never been on the show…)

Alison J. Prince (2)

Erich Campbell (5)

Gordon Firemark – Copyright and Trademark Law (3)

Matt Vassallo The Rhinestone World (59)

Pete Junior New Era Apparel (13)

Others Receiving Nominations:

AJ McAleer and Kirk Anton (Heat Transfer Warehouse)

Monty Mims – Tips from an Apparel Geek

Tom Rauen

10) Best Ambassador for the Industry

Erich Campbell (8)

Joe Piazza (3)

Matt Vassallo The Rhinestone World (64)

Pete Junior New Era Apparel (13)

*Only going to be 4 in this category as all the others were only nominated one time each, so instead of picking favorites and breaking a tie, we left it in the hands of the listeners.

Others Receiving Nominations:

Aaron Montgomery – provides great support to the industry – helping business people like me be more successful and professional

Brett Bowden – Printed Threads – he heads up the garment decorator committee that produced ThreadX, and truly sees the “big tent” aspect of the industry. He’s willing to help out and be a positive voice.

Ford Bower

Laura Gomez, she is the face of Ricoma and loves to respond to people on their Facebook group, and is the face of the web series.

Lisa Montoya she shows how to use the equipment you have to use the templates they sell.

Lisa Potts, Lisa always explains the do’s and don’t. and actually demonstrates, what will happen. also will show common errors and how to correct it.

Marshall Atkinson – he’s been insanely active in the industry, and he’s got a ton of wisdom on decorating

Nate Leber – hard worker with drive that always becomes synonymous with quality and timely due dates.

Terry Combs – Has been at it for a long time and is always striving to entertain and be happy.

Listener Suggested Categories – Item you can’t live without. (pressing pillow)

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