#2018REGGIES Industry Awards Winners Announcements


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. It’s the biggest day of the year for the apparel/product customization industry. The sixth annual REGGIE Awards will be presented today! Tune in to hear who the industry picked as the best of the best!!

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  • Imprinted Sportswear Show has announced for 2019 that our friends over at Ink Kitchen will be taking over the Shop Talk sessions. These are 20 minute free sessions out on the show floor and were very well received in 2018. If you were scheduled to be one of those presenters for 2019, hold tight to hear from Ink Kitchen about your session.

#2018REGGIES Industry Awards Winners

And the winner is…

Most participated in and heated awards yet. Lots of consternation over giveaways and people using fake emails to vote.

“We just provide the forum to recognize people. It apparently means a lot to them and we had no rules in place otherwise. We still recognize all the nominees and it’s a celebration of the industry. The fact they are giving away stuff out of their pocket for a coffee mug is their prerogative and there is nothing stopping the others from doing the same. They feel it is a value to them but if you don’t like it that seems like a harm to their business. We will look any changes we need to make for next year but again the spirit of the awards are to recognize everyone and the voting is just the icing on the cake for a fun year-end show.”

1) Best New Product

Bling Anything (The Rhinestone World)

Embrilliance Stitch Artist 3D foam underlay – 48%

Epson F2100 DTG Printer

The Design Wizard Software from TRW

WALAKut Express from HTW

2) Best Sales or Customer Service Representative

Gabe Hernandez – The Rhinestone World

Kristine Shreve, EnMart

Lisa Potts – The Rhinestone World – 43%

Mitchell Ruebke – Heat Transfer Warehouse

Sean Moreau – The Rhinestone World

3) Company that Provides the Best Customer Service

Embrilliance – 47% 

Heat Transfer Warehouse

Ricoma International Corporation


The Rhinestone World (TRW)

4) Best Online Educational Content


Heat Transfer Warehouse YouTube Channel

OML Embroidery University

Ted Stahls Blog

The Rhinestone World YouTube Channel – 68%

5) Best Industry Educator

Erich Campbell

Gabe Hernandez – The Rhinestone World

Lisa Potts – The Rhinestone World

Matt Vassallo of The Rhinestone World – 57%

Sue Brown, OML University, OML Embroidery

6) Best Industry Trade Show

DAX Chicago – 45%

ISS Atlantic City

ISS Long Beach

ISS Orlando

NBM Indianapolis

7) Best Decorated Item

Cubs Cup – By TRW – 76%

8) Most Influential Young Star

Brooke Hestdalen (Heat Transfer Warehouse)

Erich Campbell

Gabe Hernandez – TRW

Lisa Potts – The Rhinestone World – 55%

Pete Junior New Era Apparel

9) Best Guest on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast

Alison J. Prince

Erich Campbell

Gordon Firemark – Copyright and Trademark Law

Matt Vassallo The Rhinestone World – 72%

Pete Junior New Era Apparel

10) Best Ambassador for the Industry

Erich Campbell

Joe Piazza with Siser – 45%

Matt Vassallo The Rhinestone World

Pete Junior New Era Apparel

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