2019 REGGIEs Category Announcements + Bonus Information


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Its that time of year. The REGGIEs are upon us and we are excited to open up the nominations. Tune in to hear the categories, be part of the discussion and begin circulating the names that need to be recognized. Even share your thoughts on categories that should be included. Plus get some bonus content where we ask Terry, what is the future of Screen Printing. He is uniquely situated to answer that because he has been a screen printer, instructor and advocate for screen printing and he is also involved with the direct to garment world.

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  • Alphabroder said late Thursday (yesterday) that it has completely recovered from the cyberattack it suffered earlier in the week. Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, the firm said in an initial statement issued Monday that it was struck by a strand of ransomware. The attack focused on alphabroder’s order processing and shipping platform. After days of disrupted service and collaboration between alphabroder’s in-house cyber team and an expert forensics company, the supplier said that all ordering and shipping methods are up and running at 100% as of Thursday afternoon. “We will have a backlog on FedEx and USPS orders,” alphabroder said in a statement. “We will work through this over the next few days.”

  • Trotec Laser Acquires Engravers Network – Effective immediately, the acquisition gives the laser manufacturer opportunities to extend its market reach and broaden the services and support for new and existing customers, according to a press release.

REGGIEs and Future of Screen Printing

Discussion about REGGIE’s over the year – Rules, regulations, how nominees are accepted, and how people/companies make sure they win

1) Best New Product

Embrilliance Stitch Artist 3D foam underlay – 48%

2) Best Sales or Customer Service Representative 

Lisa Potts – The Rhinestone World – 43

3) The company that Provides the Best Customer Service 

Embrilliance – 47% 818 to 807 over Rhinestone World

4) Best Online Educational Content 

The Rhinestone World YouTube Channel – 68%

5) Best Industry Educator

Matt Vassallo of The Rhinestone World – 57%

6) Best Industry Trade Show 

DAX Chicago – 45%

7) Most Influential Young Star

Lisa Potts – The Rhinestone World – 55%

8) Best Guest on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast

Matt Vassallo The Rhinestone World – 72%

9) Best Ambassador for the Industry

Joe Piazza with Siser – 45%

Conversation on the future of screen printing

Give us your quick overview of the current relationship between screen printing and digital

  • Scott Fresener’s early prediction 15 years ago.
  • Two manufacturers asked me the future question recently, assuming because I have experience with both.

What separates digital from screen printing?

  • Of course production speed for longer orders goes to screen printing.
  • While full color prints are easier on DTG, the bread and butter still today for screen printing is one, two and three color work.
  • DTG printers are never going to print puffs, suedes, gels, metallics and more.
  • While DTG gives you 50+ washings, plastisol inks in screen printing will last forever.
  • There’s setup/teardown expense in screen printing, ink costs are substantially lower with screen printing compared to DTG.

What do you expect to see in the future for this relationship?

  • Current combo units are more prototype than functional.
  • Faster DTG printing will take some of the long run business away. But ink costs will have to come down to compete fully.
  • New decorators will likely use DTG for full color images, so the pool of “master printers” will likely thin. (Lazy approach) That means more business for the decorators who choose to be experts.

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