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Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Terry and Aaron announce the nominees for the 2019 REGGIE Awards! Join the 2 Regular Guys as they name the top 5 (or more) candidates from every category in this, the decoration industry’s only decorator-nominated, decorator selected awards! Brought to you by the Decorators Community, this week do they not only share the nominees, but they also recognize each person that was nominated. #2019REGGIES

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  •  If you’re a member of ASI I have some disappointing news. The Nov/Dec issue of Wearables magazine is the last to be published. I’m most disappointed that Theresa Hegel won’t be joining us anymore sharing their annual State of the Industry Report. Tons of interesting and useful information. I’ve mentioned to other industry publications that one of them should scoop up this great annual issue and make it their own. Sorry to see you go, Wearables!

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Voting until December 12th then join us on that Friday the 13th for the winners

1) Best New Product

This category is for products that have made an impact on our industry in 2019 that are relatively new to the marketplace. It may have been around for a few years already, but really affected our industry in 2019.

2) Best Sales or Customer Service Representative

This category is to recognize a specific person who has stood out as someone who has supported our industry, helped people be successful in their businesses and provided outstanding customer service or support. 

3) The company that Provides the Best Customer Service 

This category is for a specific company that exemplifies what it means to be customer service oriented. These companies have specific policies in place that are customer service oriented and put their customer first in our industry.

4) Best Online Educational Content 

This category is to recognize the online blog, video platform, technical support or other online platforms that provide the best educational content in our industry. This online platform provides the correct information and an easy to understand way of learning and growing. The nominees can be from any of the stand-alone industry sites, YouTube channels or blogs.

5) Best Industry Educator

This category is to recognize the best educator in our industry during 2018. This is someone who writes for the industry magazines, presents seminars or webinars or otherwise educates people to improve our industry.

6) Best Industry Trade Show 

This category is to recognize the industry trade show that did the most for our industry. The show should exemplify a show that provides a good meeting place for exhibitors and attendees and brings cutting edge technology and events to the people involved. 

7) Best Facebook or LinkedIn Community/Group

This category is to recognize the online forum, group, or other community platforms that provide the best information and support in our industry. This online platform provides the correct information, a friendly and fun environment and is moderated, but not over moderated. The nominees can be from any of the stand-alone industry forums, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups or other online communities.

8) Most Influential Young Star

This category is to recognize the under 40 crowd in our industry. This nominee should exemplify all the positives aspects of garment and product decoration. 

9) Best Guest on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast

This category is to recognize the guest on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast that provided the most information that helped your business and was entertaining.

10) Best Ambassador for the Industry

This category is to recognize someone who represents our industry, within and without and exemplifies all the positives aspects of garment and product decoration.

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