2020 REGGIE Category Announcements


Its that time of year. The REGGIEs are BACK and better than ever. We are excited to open up the nominations. Tune in to hear the categories, be part of the discussion, and begin circulating the names that need to be recognized. With all the curve balls that 2020 threw at us, there are some changes, but we expect to have the same great REGGIE awards as a celebration of the decorator’s community and all the loyal #Regulators

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  • Decorators Community Party Revamp – October 16, 2020

  • Shoutout to Ron Goodwin with Goodwin Graphics, Cohasset, Mass. We had a chance to chat for a bit earlier this week and he said he’s a regular listener of the 2 Regular Guys!! We appreciate you, Ron!! And, Aaron and I love to hear from Regulators. Not a lot of in-person interaction, but reach out to us!

  • All our listeners who watch the Walking Dead, like me, know that after every episode is another show called the Talking Dead, where nerds like me discuss what happened in that night’s episode. One of the segments of every episode of the Talking Dead is a memorial to all those who died during that episode. So, as the 2 Regular Guys we should also reflect on Covid just like the Walking Dead, and remember not business lost but all the new podcasts that were started, and then suddenly died already… BECAUSE IT’S HARD AND IT’S WORK PEOPLE!! Just ask E-Rich!

Dad Joke: From Wade Knarr, StickerDad.com

What do you call a pig that does Karate?

A Pork Chop

2020 REGGIE Categories

Notes about this year:

We are trying to really improve this year. The REGGIE have been awesome, but we want to go to the next level and get more and more of the industry involved. So some new stuff for this year.

  • A nomination is required in every category to avoid the ballot stuffing in just one category. If you don’t have a nomination, you can put N/A, but all fields of the form will be required.
  • When nominating someone or a product, please verify that it fits the category. We will be digging in deeper this year to confirm and if they don’t meet the standards we will have to throw out the entire nomination form.

Best New Product – 2020

This category is for products that have made an impact on our industry in 2020 that were launched this year as well.

Last year’s winner: Envelopes (Embrilliance)

Best Sales or Customer Service Representative – 2020

This category is to recognize a specific person who has stood out as someone who has supported our industry, helped people be successful in their businesses and provided outstanding customer service or support.

Last year’s winner: Lisa Shaw (Embrilliance)

Company that Provides the Best Customer Service – 2020

This category is for a specific company that exemplifies what it means to be customer service oriented. These companies have specific policies in place that are customer service oriented and put their customer first in our industry.

Last year’s winner: Embrilliance just edged out The Rhinestone World

Best Industry Educator – 2020

This category is to recognize the best educator in our industry during 2020. This is someone who writes for the industry magazines, presents seminars or webinars or otherwise educates people to improve our industry.

Last year’s winner: Lisa Shaw edged out Matt Vassallo

Best Online Educational Content – 2020

This category is to recognize the online blog, video platform, virtual event, training sessions or other online platforms that provide the best educational content in our industry. If it is education on the internet it fits in this category!

Last year’s winner: Embrilliance YouTube Channel just edged out TRW YouTube Channel

SKIPPING THIS YEAR – Best Industry Trade Show or Event – 2020 

This category is to recognize the industry trade show that did the most for our industry. The event should exemplify a show that provides a good meeting place for exhibitors and attendees and brings cutting-edge technology and events to the people involved. 

Last year’s winner: The DAX Show Chicagoland

Most Influential Up & Comer in the Industry – 2020

This category is to recognize the under 40 crowd in our industry. This nominee should exemplify all the positive aspects of garment and product decoration. Before nominating, please be sure the person is in fact under 40.

Last year’s winner: Sean Moreau with The Rhinestone World

Best Guest on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast – 2020

This category is to recognize the guest on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast that provided the most information that helped your business and was entertaining.

Last year’s winner: Lisa Shaw

Women in Garment Decorating Award – 2020 

Based on our quarterly show of the same name, this category is meant to recognize the person who is doing the most to raise the profile of women in the industry.

New Category

Most Inspirational/Encouraging Decorators Community Member – 2020

This is for anyone in the industry no matter their role who has shown their ability to step above the fighting, debating and concern that was 2020 and lead with encouragement, motivation and inspiration. Group leaders or moderators or just those that are always uplifting.

New Category

Best Ambassador for the Industry – 2020

This category is to recognize someone who represents our industry, within and without and exemplifies all the positives aspects of garment and product decoration.

Last year’s winner: Lisa Shaw with Matt Vassallo just behind her

Nominations close 11/5/20 at 5 PM Central – https://www.2regularguys.com/reggies/

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5 Important Decisions to Make Your Business Better

5 Important Decisions to Make Your Business Better

Though this is not necessarily one of the 5 things we are going to talk this decision is SO IMPORTANT to your business that it doesn’t even make the list – DECIDE TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS BETTER BY DECIDING TO WORK ON THE BUSINESS NOT IN THE BUSINESS.

  1. Determine Your Why. Your “why” is going to be at the intersection of your core values, your passion(s), and the opposite of your oppositions. For me, it is providing resources that empower business owners to achieve their idea of success. One of my core values is Being Solutions Oriented and making a significant impact, so that brings my “providing resources” to the table. I’m passionate about small businesses and our decorator’s community, so that is where business owners and achieving come from, and lastly I dislike moochers, exploiter, and righteousness. So the opposite to me of lazy people are empowered business owners and the opposite of talking down to people like some quote-unquote “tribes” out there is to empower them to their idea of success. No judgment. This is a process and something we spent an entire training session on in Our Success Group.
  2. Decide who you are, and after you determine that, tell your story to the world! It doesn’t have to be epic, it just has to be real.
  3. Find Your Niche – One of the most common things I hear people struggle with and I believe part of the struggle is they are looking at in the wrong direction. They are trying to match their existing customers, existing sphere of knowledge, their existing “this is what I do” to a niche. Finding your niche is the other way around. It should be about who you want to attract to your business and what is your vision of the perfect partnerships or way of doing business. Then extrapolate the niche in that direction. If your existing customers, your existing sphere of knowledge, your “this is what I do” doesn’t fit that then it is time to get to work to change that.
  4. Decide what complementary technology might help you expand your business. It’s a new world of decorating.
  5. Know Your Numbers – How much does it cost to just be in business every day. Are you factoring that into your pricing? How about unexpected costs? You have more room in your pricing than you realize and your true customers who you want to be doing business with (They are attracted to your Why and fit your Niche) are willing to pay the price you need to make a profit. Profit is not a dirty word.

Be Part of #5Things

If you would like to present your 5 Things, five quick points on any subject whether it be advice or five instructional steps, we would love to hear from you. You can come on the show and present them yourself, or we will share your list with our listeners or even play a recorded video of you sharing 5 things. Whatever is easiest.

Reach out to us at info@2regularguys.com, Contact Us or at our Facebook Page.

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