2022 Apparel Trends for Garment Decorators


Jay Busselle will be joining Aaron this week to talk about Apparel Trends for 2022. A special guest on the show will be Adrienne Palmer with Screen Printing Magazine. If you’re a garment decorator and you want to peer into the 2022 crystal ball, this is a must-see show!


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  • GILDAN ANNOUNCES CLOSING OF MEBANE DISTRIBUTION CENTER – In an announcement that was made earlier this month, Gildan Activewear stated its plans to close its Mebane, North Carolina distribution center by June 30th. It’s a move that will affect 128 local employees but won’t necessarily leave them out of a job. According to a press release shared on The Times News, a WARN Act notice filed with the North Carolina Department of Commerce on Feb. 16th said the distribution center would permanently close by June 30, 2022. That specific facility houses the company’s unbranded wholesale activewear apparel.

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2022 Apparel Trends

Jay: Let’s introduce our guests today! I hope this isn’t too weird for you Aaron but I’m going to be one of the guests too! Am I breaking the rules? I hope so! But the good news is I invited some friends. Adrienne Palmer is editor-in-chief of Screen Printing and BIG Picture magazines. And Jeremy Picker is Creative Director and Founder at AMB3R Creative. Hey guys – what’s going on?

Aaron: You are breaking the rules, Jay, but I think we can make an exception. When I think of 2022 Apparel trends I think of Styles, Colors and even decorating techniques. 

Jay: You nailed it Aaron!! It is all three of those things and even the words that we choose to describe the styles, colors and decoration techniques. I was reminded of this when Vicki Ostrom, Futurist and Trend Analyst at SanMar and founder of Trendependent was sharing her wisdom on an education session for PromoKitchen. She shared a reference that I later looked up which was from Adobe called Creative Trends 2022. In that report, Adobe mentions, “The seriousness of life during the pandemic has taken its toll. Tired of the mundane and familiar, people are more carefree, high-spirited, and joyful as they seek re-connection, escape from boredom, and positivity in the new year.”

Aaron: Carefree, joyful and seeking re-connection – those all make sense to me! What other trends are likely to have an impact on apparel Jay?

Jay: Being active and getting outside has always been important. Studies have found people report a higher level of vitality, enthusiasm, pleasure, and self esteem, and a lower level of tension, depression and fatigue after they have walked outside! I’m sure that’s why research revealed exercising outdoors was the most popular fitness trend in 2021. That takes us to 2 very powerful trends that have carried over into 2022: to be outside AND to be active, walking and more involved in fitness.

For specific examples of this, ASI recently released an apparel study (last month). The study is based on data that was analyzed in late 2021 using surveys of nearly 40,000 consumers. That data was presented in a collection of the most popular promo products in the U.S. and identifies which states and regions they’re most influential in. Outerwear & Performance wear were number 1 and number 2 in every region! Only in the Southwest region was it flipped. Performance wear and then Outerwear.


Aaron: Let’s get some insights and input from Adrienne! What do you think about all of this? What’s your take as the editor-in-chief of 2 industry-specific magazines that have a lot to do with design trends and visual trends?

Jay: Asks a follow up question about the importance of inclusion – specifically women and what styles they want.

Aaron: Jeremy has been a little too quiet. We know his passion for fashion is real!! Jeremy, I have good sources who tell me you’re known to take deep dives into colors, styles and decorating techniques. Jeremy, what would you like to share?

Jay: Asks a follow-up question about color. How can you help your customers and buyers of branded merch who have specific PMS colors in their logo to relax and follow some of the color trends so that they don’t look stuck in time? 

Aaron: The three of you have shared some excellent insights on the apparel, color, and design trends! Thank you! Jay, why don’t you share the details of your upcoming webinar.

Jay: Thanks Aaron. I was afraid you might never ask! 

2022 Apparel Trends will be on Thursday March 31st at 1:00 pm Eastern. The education session is free but registration is required. Of course two of our three expert panelists are here with me today – Adrienne and Jeremy – but we will also have Vicki Ostrom, Futurist and Trend Analyst from SanMar. We will probably spend an hour on the training content and leave 20 minutes for some live questions.

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5 Color Trends for 2022

From Jay Busselle

I would like to give a shout out to my friends Frank Good & Meg Erber at S&S Activewear who shared this amazing resource with me. They have a 2022 Color Guide.


  1. Playful Pastels: Lilac (Veri Peri), Vital Pinks, Canary Yellow
  2. Versatile Neutrals: Sand, Natural, Pale Grey
  3. Nature Inspired Hues: Mint, Glacier Ice, Rose
  4. Mineral Earth Tones: Copper, Camel, Military Green
  5. Uplifting BOLD: Scarlet Red, Kelly Green, Sunset Orange, 

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