5 Things – 5 Questions to ask yourself when thinking about adding an employee.

Thanks to Joe Ortinau for giving us 5 Questions to ask yourself when thinking about adding an employee. A reminder that we want you to participate in 5 Things. We have an easy form on our site at 2regularguys.com/5things/

  1. Are we planning to grow? 
  2. If we accomplish our growth goals, are we currently able to handle the increased workload? 
  3. Will having the extra set of hands, free up some of my time so that I can check on pricing adjustments that may need to take place to account for the additional paycheck?
  4. Will the addition of a team member take things off my plate that I shouldn’t be doing anymore and free up time for me to focus on the bigger picture?
  5. Do I currently work very far outside the typical 8 hour work day? Examples: waking up at 4:30 AM to get a head start on the day or falling asleep with your face on the keyboard of your laptop in the evening just trying to keep up! The majority of the people in our industry don’t mind putting in a hard day worth of work. However, we should all have the goal of being able to accomplish what we need to within a reasonable timeframe. If adding to your team will help make this happen, do it and use some of the freed up time to make adjustments for compensating your new hire if they are needed.

Thanks to:

Joe Ortinau Owner Ortinau Art, LLC
a:219 East Front Street, Pemberville, OH 43450
w:ortinauart.com  e: joe@ortinauart.com