8th Annual REGGIE Nominees Announcement + Living Intentionally


We are excited to bring to you the complete nominations for the 2020 REGGIE Awards. This is our 8th annual “peoples Choice” style industry awards, and we will be announcing all of the nominees as well as the 5 people that you will be voting for during the month of November to be crowned the 2020 REGGIE Winners on December 11th. Plus we have a special guest joining us to bring you some great content about bringing intentionality. His name is Matt Granados of Life Pulse, Inc. and he is the author of the #1 International Bestseller, “Motivate the Unmotivated”. Over the last decade, Matt has tested, developed, and helped thousands of others implement an effective and easy to duplicate system that will help you build an unbreakable foundation for your life.

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Dad Joke: (From Lisa Shaw) What do you get when you pick a pig’s nose?

Ham Boogers

Motivate the Unmotivated

Matt Granados launched his first successful business at 15 and since then he’s been hooked on building businesses from the ground up and the entrepreneur life. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Matt developed his own system – the LP – that he saw produce major results for himself, his employees, and his family. This system is so simple to implement, Matt knew he had to share it with others outside of his own life. He feels that if he can help each person get more done in less time, more people will experience the gift of a life truly lived “on purpose”.

Terry: Can you give us some background details about your path to starting Life Pulse?

Aaron: Many of our listeners are small businesses or even side hustle or start-up type companies. How can putting your formulas and strategies to work help them grow their business?

Terry: One of the lines on your website says “Our focus is on transforming businesses by transforming lives first.”. Talk to us about that and what you mean by that.

Aaron: In your book, “Motivate the Unmotivated”, you talk about systemizing the “How” of motivation. Can you explain that more?

Terry: What is the #1 piece of advice you give to Small Business owners about building a foundation to be motivated and motivating others?

Aaron: Tell our listeners where they can find out more and connect with you and LP?

Motivate the Unmotivated: A proven system for sustainable motivation

Facebook Live Video

2020 REGGIE Nominees

Voting can be found on the 2020 REGGIEs Page. Below is a list of all of the Nominees. Congratulations!

  • Best New Product – 2020

HTV Anything

Color Spark Color Shield

Shirt Lab Tribe

360 IQ Hat Press, STAHLS’

Action Engineering Mask Platens

Sawgrass SG500/1000

AllMade Masks

Corel trainer software.

Epson F3070 DTG Printer

Image Armor E-series Inks.

Kira Kira Rhinestones

One step pre treat – ColDesi

Siser Sparkle

Sloan Coleman created Here for Good

Stahls ultra weed heat transfer vinyl.

UltraColor Digital Screen Print Transfers (Transfer Express)

water-soluble sticky back by EnMart


  • Best Sales or Customer Service Representative – 2020


Bobbi Blosser

Matt Vassallo

Todd Downing

Aaron Montgomery

Alan Howe

Josh Ellsworth

Denise Johnson, SanMar

Holly Wood -ColDesi

Jason Murphy

Joe from Siser

Jon Himes

Katie Koch – IT Supplies

Kayla Gayton, Atlas Screen Supply

Kristine Shreve

Liam James

Mark Coudrey

Matt Jones at Texmac

Meg Erber with S&S Activewear

Meghan Rodenhouse

Michael Kaminsky

Monty Mims- SanMar

Ryan Moor

Shauna Soom, STAHLS’

Tom Raun

Tony Williams

TRW Call Center (Alex, Bri, Haley)


  • Company that Provides the Best Customer Service – 2020


The Rhinestone World



Coastal Business Supplies

Our Success Group



Action Engineering

Cosmos Ink


Corel Trainer

Decorated Apparel Expo

Fat Dad Custom Designs





Oklahoma shirt company

Shirt Lab

Sublimation 101

Wensco Sign Supply

Wilcom America


  • Best Industry Educator – 2020


Matt Vassallo

Marshall Atkinson

Erich Campbell

Aaron Montgomery

Jimmy Lamb

Mark Coudray

Charlie Myers – Neenah

Clay Barbera

Colin Huggins

Dane Clement with Great Dane Graphics

Debbie from Debbie Does Designs

Josh Ellsworth, SVP Sales, STAHLS’

Kristine Schreve

Meghan Rodenhouse

Nicky Adamkiewicz

Michael Kaminsky

Terry Combs

Todd Downing


  • Best Online Educational Content – 2020


The Rhinestone World YouTube Channel

Shirt Lab

Our Success Group

Erich Campbell’s The Take-Up

Lisa Shaw’s after hours

Sawgrass Academy

Sublimation 101



Conde Systems YouTube Channel

Small Business Saturdays


The Sass

Tuesday with Todd


  • Most Influential Up & Comer in the Industry – 2020


Bobbi Blosser

Lisa Potts of Lisa Potts Designs

Jenna Sackett

Kevin Oakley with Stoked On Printing

Meghan Rodenhouse

Sloan Coleman

Alex Vanover

Alexa Carey

Angela Jasmina

Angela Potter of Kids Custom Designs

Brett Bowden

Breyden Jessen

Clay Barbera

Emma and Nik Ludwig.

Joe Ortanau

Joe Piazza

Joe Rist

Kayla Gayton with Atlas Screen Supply

Lee Stuart

Luiz Vitor Mendes

Megan Elizabeth ME Customs

Nathan Leber

RJ Rickert -ISW

Shelby Craig

Tanner Bell


  • Best Guest on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast – 2020


Pilar Harrison

Erich Campbell

Jeremy Picker

Keith Burwell

Kristine Shreve

Pete Lovelace

Scott Ritter

Bill Carlin of Shipmate Fulfillment

Eric Seropyan – changed how we think about Seo

Josh Ellsworth

Kellie DeFries

Marcia Derryberry

Sloan Coleman

Tony Cheramie


  • Women in Garment Decorating Award – 2020 


Kellie DeFries

Kristene Shreve

Pilar Harrison

Alison Banholzer

Tanya Doyscher

Alexa Cary

Denise Arends

Jenna Sackett, Stahls

Jennifer Cox

Lisa Shaw

Liz Ernst -Quick Spark

Mandy Graham, Sparkleberry

Megan Elizabeth from MECUSTOMS.COM

Meghan Rodenhouse

Michelle Moxley

Tiffany Rader Spitzer


  • Most Inspirational/Encouraging Decorators Community Member – 2020


Matt Vallasso

Pilar Harrison

Todd Downing

Erich Campbell

Aaron Montgomery

Bobbi Lynn Blosser

Josh Ellsworth, SVP, STAHLS’

Luiz Vitor from Vitor Digitizing

Marj Easterling

Tom Raun

Eric Sutton

Gavin St. Georges

Jay Busselle

Mark Coudray

Meghan Rodenhouse

Nicky Adamkiewicz

Ryan Moor

Scott Colman -ColDesi

Tanya and Jay Doysher


  • Best Ambassador for the Industry – 2020


Matt Vassallo

Erich Campbell

Marshall Atkinson

Pilar Harrison

Aaron Montgomery

Ryan Moor

Jay Busselle

Brian Lang, Lawson.

Charlie Taublieb

Jimmy Lamb

Josh Ellsworth at Stahls

Liberty Bango Lehman

Lon Winters with Graphic Elephants

Mark Coudray

Meghan Rodenhouse

Randy Rickert – OKI Data

Richard Greeves

Todd Downing

Tom Davenport

Tom Raun

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