9th Annual REGGIE Nominees Announcement


We are excited to bring to you the complete nominations for the 2021 REGGIE Awards. This is our 9th annual “peoples choice” style industry awards, and we will be announcing all of the nominees as well as the 5 people that you will be voting for during the month of November. Then we will crown the 2021 REGGIE Winners on  December 10th. This is one of the most important shows we do each year because this is where we get to recognize all of the people who have made a difference in our industry.

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2021 REGGIE Nominees

Voting ends 12/9 at 5PM Central

90 Nominations – Numbers were down, but we made them actually do the work this year and that is what this is all about. Being a positive part of this industry and recognizing people for their service to the industry. Not just copying and pasting someone into every category or voting for one person.

Rule ”You must nominate a company or individual in at least seven of the 10 categories. Nomination forms that have less than 7 categories filled in will be tossed out and not counted.” That equated to 30 out of the 90 being tossed out.

Rule – For products, must be out in the last 3 years and not made the voting before. So while we didn’t throw out those nominations, there were many nominations for people who clearly are older than 3 years old. I think these new rules have improved the spirit of the awards. 

Best New Product – This category is for products that have made an impact on our industry in 2021. These products must have been released in the last 3 years and have not made the voting before. (We will do our best to police, but can’t verify every product was released in the last 3 years. We will verify that it has not made the voting by reviewing https://www.2regularguys.com/garment-decorating-industry-awards/)

DTF Transfers from Fat Dad Wholesale

Merrowly by Embrilliance

Needle Ease by Jerilee Medearis

Sawgrass SG 1000

3D PUffPro Tool developed by Justin Armenta


Brother Scan n Cut

Corel trainer plug-in software

Custom cuts using unisub mdf

Direct to Film (Digital Wonderprints) Becky Kotzer from BK Custom Designs. 

Flocks by The Rhinestone World

Fuller Border by Jeff Fuller

Hogg Sublimation 18 ounce Hydrobottle

HSINK and Paper

Sublimatable burlap gifts from JDS

Best Customer Service (List the Company and Person) – Share a specific company and if there is a person who stands out there, share them too. This company and team member are customer service oriented. These companies have specific policies in place that are customer service-oriented and put their customers first in our industry.

Sunfacer MFG – Jerilee Medearis

Texmac, Rene Rosales

Sublimation 101 – Michael Kaminsky

*Due to 2 categories per Company Rule, had to remove two name and everyone else had a single nomination. 


Amanda with True Digital Artistry

CCI- Tim Fisher

Claudia Orso at Conde

CONDE – David Gross

Corel trainer, Clay Barbera

Epilog, their entire sales staff 

Honestly SpINKing

IT Supplies – Katie Koch

Jim Kassing, Embrilliance

Madeira USA – Nancy Mini

Mavin Peradon – Driven by Graphics

Synergy 17 – Joseph Tovar

Vitor Digitizing

Wilcom America- James Timmons

Wingler & Company


The Sassy Subber – Nicky Adamkiewicz

The Rhinestone World – Pilar Harrison

Best Industry Educator – This category is to recognize the best educator in our industry during 2021. This is someone who writes for the industry magazines, presents seminars or webinars, or otherwise educates people to improve our industry. This person should be focused on education rather than offering infomercial type content.

Laurie Donovan -Sawgrass Product Ambassador

Erich Campbell

Jeff Fuller with The Embroidery Nerd and Fuller Embroidery Works

Jay Busselle

Matt Vassallo – The Rhinestone World


Clay Barbera


Justin Armenta

Mark Coudray

Shakeya Lavelle

Sprite – Conde


Todd Downing

Aaron Montgomery

Lisa Shaw

Nicky Adamkiewicz, The Sassy Subber

Best Podcast or Online Education – This category is to recognize a podcast, online blog, video platform, virtual event, training sessions or other online platforms that provide the best educational content in our industry. If it is education on the internet it fits in this category! 

Meghan Rodenhouse -Ink Differently

Embroidery Nerd 911

2 Regular Guys

The Take-up by Erich Campbell

The Embroidery Nerd’s – The Needle Bar Weekly Live


Appliqué Getaway

Asante Banquet – A Bowlers Life

Erich Campbell

Kristine Shreve: Women + Business

Our Success Group

Riley Black

Shirt Show

silaholics anonymous/Honestly Spinkling

The Rhinestone World YouTube Channel

The Sass with Nicky Martone Adamkiewicz

Best Industry Trade Show – This category has reentered the REGGIE Awards this year since many in-person events have taken place in 2021. We want to recognize the in-person event that best supported, educated and provided networking for the decorators community in 2021.

Print Hustlers

Shirt Lab

Appliqué Getaway

DAX Chicagoland

Impressions Expo Fort Worth

General Show companies listed but no specific show listed…

Most Influential Up and Comer in the Industry – This category is to recognize the under 40 crowd in our industry. This nominee should exemplify all the positive aspects of garment and product decoration. Before nominating, please be sure the person is in fact under 40.

Adam Fuller of BJJhats.com

Sprite Wood – Condé

Meghan Rodenhouse Sawgrass Technologies

Crystal Baugh – The Rhinestone World

JEFF FULLER of Fuller Embroidery Works


Alexa Carey

Amanda with True Digital Artistry age 36

Ashley Dodd – Aparicium Designs

TJ Rayhill

David Hanes with Corel trainer

Eric Sutton – Cricut Designer

Jonathan Tyne

Katie Wubben

Mr Crafty Pants (Michael David)

Nathan Leber – Stock Sheet idea and always sharing!

Tyler Dowdy – Leber Design & Print

Vitor Luiz Mendez Vitordigitizing

Women in Garment Decorating Award – Based on our quarterly show of the same name, this category is meant to recognize the person who is doing the most to raise the profile of women in the industry.

Kylene Montgomery – Thankful Thursdays

Jerilee Medearis – SunFacer Mfg & Supplies

Kristine Shreve of the Women in Business Podcast

Nicky Adamkiewicz – The Sassy Subber

Pilar Harrison – The Rhinestone World


Allison Kennedy – Homage/Eretailing

Carolyn Cagle

Lisa Potts

Megan Nelson-Urban

Scrappy Dappy Doo – Lisa Lemonick

Tanya Doyscher

Tiffany Major

Ramona McKee

Most Inspirational Decorators Community Member – This is for anyone in the industry who has shown their ability to step above the fighting, debating and commiserating (blaming, complaining, & excuse-making) and lead with encouragement, motivation and inspiration. Group leaders or moderators or just those that are always uplifting.

Matt Vassallo

Todd Downing

Ramona McKee

Pilar Harrison

Nicky Adamkiewicz


Aaron Montgomery

Ali Banholzer

Andy MacDougall

Carolyn Cagle

Eric Sutton

Erich Campbell

Frank Dunn of Sandpiper Embroidery

Jane Swanzy

Jennifer Maker Marx

Joseph Tovar

Justin Armenta

Kellie DeFries – The Crystal Ninja

Lee Caroselli

Lisa Shaw

Ryan Moore with Ryonet

Tanya Doysher

Laurie Donovan sawgrass product ambassador 

Shakeya Levelle

Jeff Fuller

Best Guest on 2 Regular Guys Podcast – This category is to recognize the guest on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast that provided the most information that helped your business and was entertaining.

Scott Ritter

Gordon Firemark

The Embroidery Nerds

The Taco Guys Jay Buselle and Jeff Solomon

Todd Downing


Kristine Shreve

Erich Campbell

Jeremy Picker

Best Ambassador for the Industry – This category is to recognize someone who represents our industry, within and without and exemplifies all the positive aspects of garment and product decoration.

Erich Campbell

Laurie Donovan

Todd Downing

Aaron Montgomery

Matt Vassallo


Jennifer Maker Marx

John Kupka – Saati

Kristine Shreve

Patrick Ali – Siser

Pilar Harrison, The Rhinestone World

RJ Silva EyeKandy Designs

Shakeya Levelle

Terry Combs

Nicky Adamkiewicz

Jeff Fuller

Extra notes from the nominations – OTHER Category:

  • David Hanes and Corel trainer are awesome!
  • Don’t Limit this to Crafting. Expand your horizons to Wood Working etc…
  • Everybody within the community. All the educators & hosts for providing us all with loads of information regularly. All the regulators, reciprocators, etc that keep you all doing what you’re doing. Such a wonderful community of decorators!
  • I love TRW. They are AWESOME and their customer service is AMAZING!!!!!!!!
  • Laurie for a 2guys podcast 2022
  • Matt from TRW is one of the generous people in the industry.  He is generous & one of the most caring of other people’s companies.  You don’t find that too often.  He honestly wants other businesses and people to succeed.
  • Nicky Adamkiewicz of The Sassy Subber has done a superb job in the sublimation world. She is a truly caring, loving, and giving individual that gives not only of her talents but also her time.
  • Thanks for doing so much to recognize people in the industry.  You Rock!
  • Why hasn’t Laurie Donovan been on your podcast? Search FB for Sawgrass product ambassador Laurie! You will find her! She is everywhere and VERY knowledgeable. she was recently on the INK Differently podcast with Meghan! Listen to it.
  • You all need to have Laurie Donovan on your podcast.

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