A Lifetime in Screen Printing


Allen Gaddis will be joining the 2 Regular Guys this Friday. Allen started screen printing at 16 and opened his own business at 18. Next May, he will be celebrating 40 years in business. We’ll be talking about contract printing, services to schools, labor and supply issues, and much more. Join us with your questions for a veteran screen printer this week.

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A Lifetime in Screen Printing

Aaron: Good morning, Allen, and welcome to the show. Tell us a little about you and your business.

Terry: What drew you to garment decorating? And what has kept you here? (why stay in it for 40 years?)

Aaron: You have a background in contract printing. What would you say is the secret of success as a contract decorator? 

Terry: School sales can be tricky, from getting paid to working with non-professional buyers. Share some tips with our listeners who might want to venture into the school marketplace.

Aaron: Speaking of tricky, we all know getting blank inventory to decorate has been pretty tricky for a while. What have been your challenges in this area and how have you tackled them?

Terry: Also tricky in today’s day and age is the labor force. What do you think has changed over the past 40 years and how do you manage your own labor force?

Terry: I ran across a post on Facebook from 2019 congratulating you on your Bachelor of Advertising Specialty Information certification. How do promotion products fit in for you and what advice would you give other decorators about incorporating promo products?

Terry: So you had a devastating fire in 2020. Tell us about that experience and how you came back.

Aaron: Where can our listeners reach out to you?


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