Aaron’s iPhone Home Screen

Aaron's iPhone HomeI was asked the other day by a friend to tell him a little more about my iPhone home screen. I live with my iPhone and much to my wife’s dismay I even sleep with it. So here is a short Q&A of some of the apps that I use and like along with some other details.

Q: Tell us a little about some of your favorite Apps?

As you can tell I cram a ton of apps onto my first screen. I like using the folders and there are some great apps in those folders. Some of my favorite apps in the folders are Waze for driving. I don’t have a super long commute, but it helps with accidents and speed traps. I also use the Podcast app a ton. I have not listened to St Louis radio in some time since dedicating my time in the car to listen to my Podcasts. Also I spend time with Spotify in the car when I’m tired of the Podcasts or have listened to them all. I also love using Shazam to find the music I like. My absolute favorite app that I tell everyone about is called Sleep Cycle. You plug your phone in, turn on this app and it monitors your sleep and picks a window of time that would be ideal to wake you up around the alarm time you set. It is amazingly accurate and helps by waking you up during the right time in your sleep cycle.

Q: Which app do you spend too much time in?

I spend way too much time in the Facebook app, like most people I would imagine. I really should be in the Facebook Pages app more, but there is always something fun going on or some snarky comment I have to make on my little brothers posts. I also spend too much time on the Hootsuite app reading my personal twitter feed. Again should probably be in something more geared for work, but it is a fun way to pass the time.

Q: What app, real or imagined, do you not have but need?

Something that I would really like is a best task managing app. I live in Outlook and manage all my tasks there and there is really nothing that works with the iPhone and syncs with Outlook all that good. We are getting Office 365 at my work soon, so hopefully that helps me manage that stuff better.

Q: Give us the lowdown on an app or two from your second page that you are ready to promote to the home screen.

My health and fitness apps ended up on the second page when I recently added the Gmail app to my phone. In that folder I have several great apps that I need to use more often. One is My Fitness Pal which allows you to track your weight and food intake. Another app is the FitBit app which syncs to my FitBit that I wear to count my steps and monitor my sleep. Finally there is Endomondo which is an activities tracker and tracks your runs, bike rides or other activities via GPS and all 3 of those link together to try to get my into shape.

Q: Name an app everyone else seems to like that you just can’t get into?

Day One is an app that I have tried, but I just can’t seem to get into the journaling thing. I have tried and the app does make it a bit easier, but I never really have alone time to speak into the app and typing on it takes too long. I know you are supposed to keep a journal to help you improve yourself as a person, but I just can’t seem to get rolling with it.