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Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. All-Over Printing with Sublimation is growing, the fashion market has embraced it as a decorating technique and we are excited to talk to a guest who is in the thick of it. Peter Daneyko of Poppy Digital Artistry is in the thick of it. He and his partners hold the patent on this process and they have a unique approach to partnering with their licensees. Everything you need to know about being successful with All-Over Printing with Sublimation.

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Angelo Barzaghi2:06 Hey from Italy

All-Over Printing with Sublimation

Terry: What were your impressions of the ThreadX Event?

Erich Campbell8:54 Happy to be at that table at #threadx – Really great info. Great to meet Peter.

Aaron: There are a couple of company names you’re associated with, give a rundown of those companies.

Poppy Digital Artistry is an American Manufacturer specializing in product customization and personalization through its premium dye-sublimation design and production process. As the creators of on-demand women’s apparel brand Whimsy Rose; Poppy has now opened its services to 3rd party businesses for production & fulfillment services in addition to 3rd party licensing for its patented all-over dye sublimation printing process for private label manufacturing.

Whimsy Rose is print driven women’s apparel brand that celebrates the artistic spirit through custom personalization and on-demand production. By enabling women to easily mix designer prints with styles of their choosing, Whimsy Rose gives women greater flexibility and freedom to express themselves, as they become part of the design process with their apparel choices

The Whimsy site offers over two thousand combinations of print-to-style options. Shoppers looking for custom personalization can select from over a hundred prints and nearly two dozen body styles to have their personalized garment produced and shipped to them in as few as five days.

Women today have significant apparel options via shopping on the Internet. However, once they find their favorite tee, tunic, or dress for comfort and fit, they find limited choices available to them to purchase additional prints for their favorite styles. At Whimsy Rose, this desire is presented as a unique opportunity for the stylish shopper.

“Our sites elegant custom personalization, celebrates the artistic spirit in each of us” states Peter Daneyko, Co-Founder of Whimsy Rose. “For example, you may love that fun V-neck top for fit and fabric, but you don’t like the few available prints presented. At Whimsy Rose we provide the customer with a vast array of designer print selections, combined with the ability to be an active part of the creative process, which results in a more engaging and interactive online shopping experience.”

The St. Louis based, premium dye-sublimation company leverages their patented (AOP) all-over print license with its own on-demand production system to deliver customized individual garments. Having produced over a million print to garment pieces, the company’s experience with personalized AOP design has provided Whimsy Rose with several key insights. Daneyko shares, “We’ve discovered that more than ever, most female consumers regardless of age, consider themselves to be creative individuals who are web-savvy and more empowered than ever before. Whimsy Rose looks to be both positively disruptive when it comes to options for prints in fashion and more empowering with regard to women’s choices of them.”

Like art, prints on garments are very personal and hence very subjective as to what appeals to different audiences. For that reason, Whimsy Rose features a highly diverse group of artists and textile designers who provide designs for its ever-growing print design library. Daneyko concludes, “Where most apparel manufacturers produce large quantities of a given piece, and hope that the garment resonates with a wide audience, Whimsy Rose is all about providing women with a uniquely personal experience as they become part of the creative process for their individually produced garment; making it truly their Whimsy!”

Terry: So obviously you have an extremely strong background in fashion. With the technology you are involved with both in the creation and production side what changes do you see happening in the fashion world?

Erich Campbell29:01 How important do you think the retail physical store space will be going forward? Do you see this hybrid model as the future for fashion decoration?

Terry: I’m guessing our listeners might have been surprised at the top of the show when we mentioned your patent on the process. Talk to us about that.

AOP STL. We Are The Authorized Licensor for Patented Process Specific to All Over Printing. AOP STL. provides licensing options to printers, manufacturers, importers, individuals, and retailers who wish to produce or sell goods which fall under Patents:

US 8,958,131 / US 9,468,23 “A Systems and Methods for the Printing of Pre-Constructed Clothing Articles and Clothing Article so Printed.”

AOP STL. ensures your business is properly licensed to produce, import or sell goods which may infringe upon US Patents; US 8958131, and US 9468237.  Whether you’re an individual, a business, or a licensor of goods you wish to produce or import into the U.S., you need to ensure you protect your right to do so, as an Authorized Licensee.  As each licensee is unique; we work with you to ensure you not only comply but have the appropriate license for your business.

Aaron: So it sounds like a true collaboration with your licensees. How have your efforts been received?

Terry: Thanks so much for your time today. It has been a blast. Where can people find out more about AOP and get in touch to talk about becoming a licensee? –

Peter Daneyko spent the past 10 years as a Founding Partner with Joe Werner behind notable on-demand women’s apparel brand Whimsy Rose. The recently launched Poppy Digital Artistry is the umbrella company for leveraging their manufacturing services beyond the Whimsy brand to third-party customization for private label, as well as the licensing arm for patented all-over printing process via its licensing arm AOP STL.

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