All Things Sublimation with Vik Patel

November 13th Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. We are excited to welcome in Vik Patel who is the Director of Business Development from Sawgrass Ink to talk all things sublimation. Vik has a diverse background in the industry and not only brings his knowledge from Sawgrass, but also his knowledge on the production side of the business. He is going to share some tips and trick with us as well and give us a look into the future of sublimation and what might be on the horizon as the sublimation market continues to grow.

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All Things Sublimation with Vik Patel of Sawgrass Technologies

  • First off tell us how long you have been involved in all things sublimation?
  • So over the years, what are some tips about sublimation that you can share with our listeners?
  • I know you have been involved in the past in what some people call 3D sublimation or vacuum press sublimation. What are your thoughts on the future of that style?
  • So let’s talk a bit about your current role with Sawgrass. We hear a lot of talk about the Virtuoso systems, give us a bit of a state of the union so to speak? – how we went from zero to 12,000+ units in less than a year. (plan was 10,000)
  • So what is different about the Virtuoso systems compared to the legacy products that are or were offered by Sawgrass?
  • I saw that Sawgrass won a product of the year award at SGIA for Digital inks with the SubliJet HD inks. What makes this ink stand out?
  • One of my favorite features of the Sawgrass line is the Creative Studio product that makes creating artwork so much easier, tell us more about that piece of your offering.
  • I also saw the new 24” printer in your booths at the recent shows, tell us more about that product.
  • How about the future road map for the VJ628 and other products coming from Sawgrass. What can you share with our listeners there?
  • Where can the listeners find out more about Sawgrass and the products we talked about today? –

Vik Patel ‘s Bio: Born and raised in the UK, I moved to the US in ‘96 and started working in a 100% commission sales role in Savannah, Ga. My Wife and I moved to Atlanta in 2003, where I worked for DHL Express as a District Sales Manager. In 2008, I got the opportunity to work for Case-Mate in Atlanta as their VP of Sales. WE grew the company significantly over a very short period with our product being sold in over 76 countries in most major retailers. It was during this time that I learned about 3D sublimation when we launched it for Phone cases.

Have an Executive MBA from Emory and a Bachelor from Kingston University in UK (Chemistry and Business Administration) and I was recently brought onto Sawgrass to run Business Development and part of my role is also to manage the International Sales Team.  

I now live with my Wife, Dimple and son Ishaan in beautiful Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.


  1. ASI Orlando – 1/5 to 1/6
  2. PPAI Vegas – 1/12 to 1/14
  3. ISS Long Beach – 1/24 to 1/26

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