Am I Doing This Right?


(Sponsored by Impressions) This week the 2 Regular Guys will be bringing a special live Thursday night episode from DAX Chicagoland. Aaron, Terry and Erich will be discussing the most common issues decorators grapple with in determining, “Am I’m doing this right?” This show is for all types of decorators who sit and ponder that question.

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Am I Doing the Right?

In an effort to help the industry as decorators struggle to find blanks to decorate fellow decorator and expert screen printer, Nathan Leber decided to look for solutions. He said, “In light of the garment shortage and my disbelief that nothing can be done, I made a live Google Sheet that has some of my shops blank inventory on it.” The goal is to provide an open Google Sheet that everyone can access to possibly find an item that might not be available at the supplier’s locations due to the issues they are facing with containers and cotton shortages. Nathan believes that most shops are like his, where they have a stash of excess inventory where something happened on the job or they misordered. He goes on to say “I know all of the decorators’ community has this stuff around their shop and for whatever reason it is just collecting dust when someone could be using it.” 

He is trying to spread the word about this open Google sheet, which you can find at Any decorator can go and add extra inventory they would like to move, and look for and coordinate getting blanks from others. The more people use the list to both buy and sell, the more valuable it will become for the industry as we navigate these difficult times of shortages, unbalanced stock, and shipping problems. Nathan only has two ‘asks’ of the decorators’ community “Please try to keep the formatting clean and NO PRICE GOUGING or I will be forced to delete it from the sheet. Hopefully, we can all help each other out and find some of the garments that we know are sitting in a corner somewhere.” To access the spreadsheet and to add your excess inventory

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