Applique Getaway and Becoming an Embroidery Professional


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Lyndsie Salcido joins the 2 Regular Guys and Erich Campbell to talk about digitizing, home embroidery, and making the jump to being an embroider for a living. She also fills us in on all the happenings from her past and upcoming Applique Getaways and what has become of those events. This is a great conversation about making everyone around you better only to improve yourself. With 4 people, there is lots of content to take in here.

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Becoming an Embroidery Professional

Aaron: Before we get into the main topic, Let us know a little more about you; What brought you into the world of embroidery? Moreover, how did that start turn into all that you are doing today with your stock design business and the Applique Getaway?

Mike Wilkerson: What was your brain thinking when someone says “yeah, but do you sell the designs” and it destroys the general business model you had, for something you thought would just be another “thing” that’s in the chain of to-dos for your job?

Kristine Shreve: Smart adjustments to the needs of the marketplace.  Sell what people want, not what you want to sell.

Erich: As an organizer of an event, I’m sure you would recommend that embroiderers and decorators get out and mix it up at a real-world gathering; What do you think the greatest value is in attending events like the Applique Getaway, and what’s the ‘sleeper’ benefit that you think people miss?

Cherin Peterson Phillips: What advice do you have for someone who has never digitized but would like to?

Terry: With the Getaway, how would you describe the people and businesses you serve, and what kind of markets are they serving?

Aaron: I think that your perspective is one we don’t always see on the strictly commercial, often B2B vector of apparel decoration. I know that when the business is the first concern, a lot of decorators struggle with the technical nature of doing the decoration, whereas the hobbyists are often skilled at decoration first- What do you think is the chief problem or problems facing people in your target demographic who want to make a decoration hobby into a business? How can they avoid these pitfalls?

Erich: We often tout the importance of telling your story and promoting your brand; What tips would you give to hobbyist decorators trying to define a brand and build up their following and list of clients?

Terry: What are the problems and opportunities you find unique in the children’s market? What other markets do you see as a great fit for the hobby-to-professional decorator?

Aaron: We recently reached out to a friend we share and former guest Lisa Shaw; she had only great things to say about your approach and offered this comment that I really latched on to, that you are about cooperation above competition and that your mentality is that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’ – I know some folks see tension between craft/cottage embroiderers and the commercial world and even just between digitizers or shops in the same space; How do you think decorators can benefit from a more cooperative mindset?

Cindy Copeland: Is Class Schedule Out yet Applique Getaway. Have not been able to find it. Says will post 1 month before. Even list of classes????

Aaron: Where can we find more about you, your business, and the Applique Getaway? How can our listeners reach out?

Lyndsie Salcido entered the embroidery industry as a digitizer in 2007, helping fuel the surge in the cottage and children’s market. In 2011, She founded the Applique Getaway, an event aimed at hobby embroiderers and small businesses. The event has grown alongside the target audience, adding vendors and classes featuring software, vinyl, and digital cutting, sublimation, commercial embroidery and more, all while maintaining the event’s fun and friendly atmosphere.

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