June 27th, 2014 Show Notes – Artwork and Training for Our Industry with Dane Clement

Artwork and TrainingJune 27th Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast where Aaron and Terry discuss Artwork and Training with Dane Clement of Great Dane Graphics. We also talked to him about any tips and trick he might have for novice and expert art departments. We also talked with him about his complete training packages work and discuss his seminars and other educational opportunities he has available to our industry.

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Artwork and Training with Dane Clement

  • So tell us a little more about you and your story. Who are you?
  • Lets start out with your artwork. Can you tell us what makes your artwork different from all the other clip art packages out there?
  • So when it comes to artwork for the decorating and personalization industry, what is the one tip you find yourself sharing with people the most?
  • It’s not uncommon when we use a Great Dane Graphics image on trade show samples people recognize it as yours. What’s it feel like at this point in your career to have your work so well-known in the industry?
  • How many vendors at an average show will be producing your work whether it’s screen printing, direct-to-garment, sublimation or some other form?
  • Tell us a little about the trade show seminars you’ve done? What shows do you have on tap for the rest of this year?
  • Your training package that takes a user from concept to finished shirt is pretty impressive. Tell our listeners about this program. (What’s in the package start to finish and how it works)
  • Do you have anything new in the works over at Great Dane Graphics? Any projects you can give a bit of a sneak peek to for our listeners?
  • Tell us where people can find out more about you and Great Dane Graphics? Where can they go to buy some of the products we have talked about?

Dane Clement is president of Great Dane Graphics which is a GroupeSTAHL company whose primary focus is creating quality artwork and training materials for the decorated apparel industry. He also serves as the vice president of creative for GroupeSTAHL. Dane has spoken and written for the decorated apparel industry since 2000. He is considered an expert on computer graphics and color separations for textile screen printing, dye sublimation, digital direct-to-garment, and heat-applied graphics. He is the author of T-Shirt Artwork Simplified, a how-to book on creating artwork for decorating apparel in both Adobe and Corel formats.
Great Dane Graphics


  1. ASI Chicago – July 15th – 17th
  2. Denver NGN Show – July 18th – 19th
  3. ISS Las Vegas – August 3rd – 5th
  4. St. Louis NGN Show – August 8th – 9th
  5. Embroidery Mart Nashville – August 15th – 16th
  6. Sourcing at MAGIC – August 17th – 20th

Other News/Events

  1. Complete Screen Printing Business Course – Workhorse Products in Phoenix – June 28-June 29, 2014

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