August 9th, 2013 Show Notes – High End Color Separations

August 9th Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast from August 9th, 2013, so you can get more details on some of the items we discussed. This show we brought in an industry expert on high end color separations. Some of you might know him as Dot Tone Dan… Dan Campbell of Dot Tone Designs. We also discussed the ISS Las Vegas Show briefly.

ISS Las Vegas Show update:
Have heard both good and bad from vendors about their results. Chris from Vapor told a colleague it was a fantastic show for him and have also heard other who said it was slow and hard to justify. Also asked a friend who was an attendee how it was. This is a long time screen printer who is also doing some sublimation and trust his opinion. He said that it was a waste of time and gas. He said the booths that were busy, were understaffed and the rest were staffed with Social Media Directors that were too busy posting on Twitter to talk to potential customers. He also said he doubted if he even bumps into one person while strolling the show.

High End and Every Day Art/Separations

Dan Campbell of Dot Tone Designs joined us. He has an Associates in visual communications from Art Institute of Pittsburgh Pa. and is 27 yrs in the industry working the areas of ASI, custom, licensed retail and event apparel with Companies such as Houze Glass Co, Ohio Pyle Prints (name drop and resorts) to Russell Athletics creating art for pro, semi pro and college level teams to Disney, Universal Studios and Harley Davidson.  Currently, owns his own screen printed apparel sales shop and provide art and separation services to the industry.
Dan shared many great tips and info for experienced designers and separators as well as a wealth of information for the beginning apparel decorator. So much information that we plan to have him back for more on the 13th of September.

Contact Dan Campbell at or call 321-805-4820.

You can also find Dan on Facebook.

Other News/Events


  • FESPA Mexico – August 15th to 17th
  • NGN Connect Show St. Louis – Sept. 6th and 7th
  • NBM Philly – September 19th to 21st

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