Banishing the Divide – The Commercial and Home Industries


Kristine Shreve & Lyndsie Salcido will be joining us to discuss the concept that there’s space and a place for everyone in the industry and that no option is more valuable than another. With the Applique Getaway coming up in Dallas on July 23 – 25, now is a perfect time to discuss what the craft industry is all about. The potential for partnership and mentorship plus how everyone can coexist with an abundance mentality. Don’t miss these two rockstar women of the industry!

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  • Aaron: Beginning of the End of the Pandemic Cocktail Party July 2. Start off your July 4th weekend with your industry friends!! Head to for details and to sign-up.

  • Terry: Impressions Expo is still looking for a couple of speakers for 2022. The deadline has been extended to June 14th. Send your seminar ideas here:

  • Aaron: Applique Getaway is pleased to announce show dates for 2021. The show will be held July 23 – 25 in Irving (Dallas) Texas.  Unlike last year’s show which,  due to the pandemic,  was all virtual,  the 2021 show will be on-site at the Sheraton DFW with a full slate of vendors and classes.  Information about the show is available at

    The 2021 Applique Getaway is a weekend of classes, product demonstrations, prizes, friendship and fun.  A carefully curated vendor mall offers attendees the ability to stock up on supplies and learn about new suppliers and products. Decorators who work with embroidery,  rhinestones,  vinyl, sublimation or applique at any skill level will find the show of interest. New in 2021, the show will also offer virtual education options for those people who cannot attend the onsite event. 

    Applique Getaway is the premier trade show in the home decoration and crafting space. Since 2011, makers of all skill levels have shopped, learned and created connections in an atmosphere of fun and friendship.  

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The Commercial and Home Industries

Kristine Shreve is the founder and CEO of Kristine Shreve Consulting which offers writing, marketing and business development services. The company can be found at Kristine is also the creator and host of the Business + Women podcast, where the discussion centers around being a business owner and being a woman and how those two states of intersecting. Currently, Kristine is also the Director of Marketing and Outreach for Applique Getaway. On Facebook, Kristine is the founder of the Women in Garment Decoration Facebook group. Kristine was the Director of Marketing for Ensign Emblem and EnMart from 2006 to April 2020.

Lyndsie Salcido entered the embroidery industry as a digitizer in 2007 and helped fuel the surge in the cottage and children’s market. In 2011, she founded the Applique Getaway, an event aimed at hobby embroiderers and small businesses. The event has grown alongside the target audience, adding vendors and classes featuring software, vinyl and digital cutting, sublimation, commercial embroidery and more, all while maintaining the event’s fun and friendly atmosphere.


Since we’re having a show about banishing the divide, let’s talk about what that divide is, or has been in the past. (This applies to almost all areas of garment decorating.)

Are we getting to a point where these businesses are becoming more similar than different?

As more crossover between commercial and cottage industry happens,  what do suppliers and marketers need to know? 

Some of the issues that exist between cottage and commercial producers exist because of a perception that smaller producers drive prices lower.  Is this an accurate perception? 

We all know that every business has to start somewhere. Why is it difficult for some suppliers to see that working with smaller businesses can lead to working with a growing business? 

How is Applique Getaway different from other trade shows and how is it the same? 

How can trade shows,  like Applique Getaway,  contribute to the growth of businesses and the industry as a whole?

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