Blueprint for Branding Success


It is Friday the 13th, but the 2 Regular Guys listeners are in for a lucky day. Marketing guru Jay Busselle is taking a break from his speaking travels and will join Terry and Aaron to talk branding. By studying successful businesses in a variety of fields, Jay has put together a blueprint for branding success we can follow in our own businesses. Fasten your seatbelts whenever Jay joins the 2 Regular Guys!

Our Success Group

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Dad Joke

Did you know the new book I’m working is set entirely in my own basement

I’m hoping it makes the best cellars list.

Branding Success

It’s been about 30 years since Jay started printing and selling “unofficial replica” t-shirts in the mid 80’s of his favorite skiing and skateboarding companies. Jay is a board member, referred to as “chefs” for PromoKitchen, an all-volunteer nonprofit group focused on mentorship within the promo and apparel industry. He is a highly rated industry presenter and a trainer on topics like branding, social media and LinkedIn. Jay is currently the VP of sales and marketing at Equipment Zone, founding partner at FLEXpoint and a self-proclaimed CTO: Chief Taco Officer. Jay says he found his home hanging out with the other promo peeps and apparel geeks on the island of misfit toys!

Terry: What can I do to “future proof” my business?

Aaron: What is “Brand Relevance” 

Aaron: Jay, how cool would it be if there were an index that measures how relevant your brand is?  (Explain / show the BRI: Brand Relevance Index & 

Terry: Do you think you could break this down a little and keep it simple for us apparel decorators and branded merch business owners?  (Explain 4 Pillars – the blueprint)

Terry: Can you share any examples of businesses in our industry that have created culture and maintain their brand relevance? ( Printed Threads & BrandFuel)

Terry: Jay, you’ve got a special project going next week in Long Beach. Tell us about that.

Aaron: How can our listeners find you?