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Terry and guest host, Jay Busselle, will discuss the steps to take in creating your own brand. In today’s world, customers don’t want to buy from just a screen printer, or sublimator, or an embroiderer. Today’s customer wants a relationship with a company that has shared views and values. In this week’s show, we’ll have a conversation about getting started in developing your own brand in the industry.

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Branding YOU

Terry: Ok, it’s time to talk about branding! It seems like the topic of branding (and tacos) comes up in almost every discussion we have with you Jay!

Jay: It’s true! I guess I’m just lucky that way Terry.

Terry: Why don’t we start with a brief reminder of your definition of branding?

Jay: Sounds good Terry! Branding isn’t easy… I can tell you that! A lot of smart people have shared a lot of opinions and their definition of a brand. This is mine:

Your brand is not your logo.

Your brand is not what you do.

Your brand is not your product.

Your brand is your style.

Your brand is your promise to me.

Your brand is how you make me feel.

Remember SPF! (not sun protection factor) Style – Promise – Feel

Terry: What do you mean by style, Jay? Maybe you could explain that a little more?

Jay: Let’s start with the dictionary definition of the word style: a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.

Playful & Lighthearted {or} Serious & Sober

Economical & Affordable {or} Luxury & Lavish

Vintage & Classic {or} Modern & Contemporary

Rock n Roll {or} Hip Hop

Country {or} Classical

Truck {or} Sedan

SUV {or} Mini Van

V8 engine {or} Electric

Your vibe, your personality, your character, your identity.

I also want to share that in my opinion, it’s critical to think about this from both a business and personal perspective. Especially if you’re a small business owner! Because if you are a small biz owner then you’re in sales and in marketing and in bookkeeping and in production and in janitorial and in … and in…  and in… you’re in EVERYTHING. This also means your personal style is in EVERYTHING. To be more clear – if your style, your personality, your identity is of a serious, sober, calm and calculated nature, then guess what? So is your business. If you pretend to be a playful, fun, loud, rock n roll, risk taker – IT WONT WORK. It creates friction. It’s not authentic. There’s a disconnect. Buyers are less likely to trust you.

Jay: So let me ask you a question MR COMBS! Have you ever heard of a BRAND Manifesto?                              

Terry: Maybe… probably… I’m not sure I understand the context Jay, but it sure sounds cool!

Jay: I know! It does sound cool. Muy Macho Manifesto! It’s your public declaration. This is your purpose people. It’s what you stand for! Tell me why you’re in business. We’ve heard a lot about the word STORY over the past 3 years – really ever since Donald Miller authored the book STORY BRAND which is an awesome book every small business owner should read. A Manifesto to me is my business story condensed down into 2-3 paragraphs. It can be written down or it can be graphical or maybe even both. It could even be a video! Usually a manifesto is turned inward and shared with the staff or your team to make sure EVERYONE is on the same page when it comes to the purpose of this business or the WHY. But it could also be shared with your target audience. It helps define and declare your culture. I brought one with me that I have LOVE! Maybe Erich could share it with the audience that’s watching us?


Terry: I think we should challenge our audience to take some time this weekend and work on their manifesto!

Jay: I love that idea Terry! How about a little incentive to help inspire folks to complete the homework? I will have Aaron send a free copy of my Style Guide to the first 3 listeners who send you, Terry Combs, a completed Manifesto. AND… but wait there’s more! If you’re NOT one of the first 3, I will give anyone who completes a Manifesto 50% off of my Style Guide through the month of June, Aaron is a super geek & nerdy when it comes to the website stuff so maybe we can use “MANIFESTO” in the check out or something. What do you think about that offer Terry? Did I surprise you?


Jay: It feels like I’ve been doing most of the talking here Terry. I think it’s time I ask you a question about branding so the audience can get your take on the topic. Who are some memorable brands you follow or you think are fabulous in every way?

Terry: Why the Kansas City Chiefs – OF COURSE!

Jay: OK, ok, we know you’re KC SUPERFAN… What about a consumer brand like Apple, Samsung or Tesla?

Terry: Ok, I’m going to say Apple!

Jay: I knew it. You’re an Apple guy! Have you always had an iphone? Ok, let’s go through the list I started with at the start of the show and I will ask you which trait, which identity or which style you FEEL Apple represents OK?

Playful {or} Serious

Economical {or} Luxury 

Vintage {or} Modern

Rock n Roll {or} Hip Hop (BOTH!)

Truck {or} Sedan

V8 engine {or} Electric

Jay: Terry, can I assign more homework? I would like everyone to search Google for “Apple Manifesto Video.” Click on the first video and watch one of the BEST Ads ever produced which is now often called the APPLE MANIFESTO or the “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” It’s the Apple Think Different ad:

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently…

The reason I want you to watch and listen to the first video is it’s a powerful manifesto narrated by Steve Jobs not Richard Dreyfuss who narrated the original.

Jay: OK Terry, do we have time for me to ask you another question about brands? Who are some great brands from our industry that you think do a great job with their SPF (style – promise – and feel) or just great branding overall?

Terry: You mean like 2 Regular Guys?  SanMar, Allmade, ??, ??

Jay: What makes Allmade memorable to you Terry?

Jay: Does Allmade have a story – a purpose – a why? They’re not just selling t-shirts, are they?

Terry: share what you can remember or what you want to about Allmade…

Terry: We want to thank Jay for sharing some great insights on branding. I know I will remember SPF while I’m sitting by my pool about to reach for the sun screen and for Jay’s branding reminder: STYLE – PROMISE – FEEL. Don’t forget Jay’s offer to the first 3 listeners who send in their manifesto. They get a free copy of Jay’s “Your Style Guide” valued at $300! And everyone else gets a 50% discount. For inspiration, we will all go watch the Apple Think Different ad.

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Here are 5 things you should fix on your Linkedin profile

  1. Be a RESOURCE – not a resume!!
  2. Your Background – Make sure you have one! It’s PRIME REAL ESTATE and the first thing people will see.
  3. Your Profile Photo – Make sure it’s current (within 3 years). Make sure it’s not a logo, or a cartoon/emoji. Make sure it’s easy to see you being naturally happy. No cropped wedding photos.
  4. Your Headline – the description under your photo. The default will pull the title from your current job. Don’t be that dull. Be more creative! It’s called a headline! It’s supposed to be a hook. Tell me why you’re different… a misfit… a rebel… a troublemaker.
  5. Your About Section – Could it be your personal manifesto? Your About section should make the reader stop and say, “DAMN. I can’t wait to meet this person!” You want people to feel a connection. There’s a high probability that future clients will judge you based on what you’ve shared. The reality is they’re going to judge you either way. Be a resource and tell me in what ways are you extraordinary? 

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