Building Relationships with Customers in a Long Distance World


(Sponsored by GRAPHICS PRO EXPO) This Friday, Aaron and Terry will discuss building and maintaining relationships when you might never meet your customer face-to-face. In this new world of limited travel and ever-changing rules of engagement, we still need to build that personal relationship with our customers. Whether single shirt consumers or quantity buyers, we still need to reach out with a virtual touch. The 2 Regular Guys will explore options for you to find and keep those customers.

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  • Next Level Founder Joe Simsoly to Retire; Randy Hales Appointed as Successor – Blank apparel manufacturer Next Level Apparel announces that Joe Simsoly, founder and chief executive officer, will retire as CEO, effective Aug. 8. Simsoly continues to serve on Next Level’s board of managers and will remain a significant shareholder in the business. In November 2020, the board appointed Randy Hales as Next Level’s co-CEO as part of a 2018 succession plan. –

Dad Joke – What do you get when you cross the Atlantic Ocean with the Titanic?


Building Relationships with Customers in a Long Distance World

Aaron: Let’s face it, in a world not so far away we would talk to a customer at the counter in our shop, or build a relationship over customer visits, lunch, drinks. But today, and for the foreseeable future we might not have those face-to-face encounters

Terry: For some businesses, this is nothing new. If a customer doesn’t travel to tradeshows or other events, we might never meet them face-to-face either. Maybe we can somewhat take our lead from them.

Building relationships with those customers who buy one shirt today and maybe another shirt two months from now.

  • How to keep them coming back for more
  • Showing them fresh ideas – keeping in front of the customer
  • Social media with new graphics and styles
  • How to keep you as the go-to source for custom apparel/products
  • Reminders such as holiday shirts or whatever niche you service
  • Again, social media just being “seen” as a source of creativity
  • Building a brand – Johnny Cupcakes
  • Do good work, deliver on time

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5 things we do after returning from a trade show

  1. Laundry – I swear it multiplies in my suitcase!
  2. Reach out to everyone you said that you would contact with information about your product/area of expertise/resources
  3. Research things that triggered ideas – this is where Terry came in because I was intrigued by the Coastal white toner printer and the whole sublimation thing and its process on FABRIC which made me think of DTG and screen printing.  I think I know someone who can shed some light on this 🙂
  4. Head to social media and connect and follow with those that you met.
  5. Make notes on the event to share with the show promoter – from “hiccups” to WINS to ideas for future events.  Shows can only get better with constructive communication 🙂
  6. Did I mention laundry????

With a Bonus from Lisa Shaw of Sew Bubbles

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