Building Your Creative Muscle


Business Differentiation with Jeremy Picker. Join us in this episode of the 2 Regular Guys Podcast, where we welcome Jeremy Picker of Amb3r Creative. With a unique ability to tap into the creative potential of both “creatives” and non-creatives, Jeremy will share insights on building your creative muscle and leveraging creativity and empathy to set your business apart. Discover how to go beyond the standard client projects, energize your customer interactions, and use merchandising to strengthen your brand. Gain easy tips to improve creativity, implement innovative thinking across various aspects of your company, and learn how even non-creative individuals can contribute to helping customers in meaningful ways. Get ready to unlock your creative potential and take your business to new heights.

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Creative Muscle

Aaron: Welcome. We have been fortunate to have you join us in the past and it is always an amazing conversation with lots of wonderful insight for all of the decorators community. For the benefit of our new listeners, tell us a little about you, and what brought you to the industry. Give us a quick Jeremy 101 lesson.

Erich: With the fast-paced nature of what many of the Regulators have to do to keep up with the demand of their clients, how do we find the time and space to delve deeper into client projects, beyond what they initially present to us?

Erich: We know through watching what you do in the industry that creativity can extend beyond the product itself. How do you suggest implementing creativity in other parts of a company to create a cohesive and innovative brand experience?

Aaron: The idea we are exploring today is building our creative muscle. Could you share some practical and easy ways for Regulators to enhance their creativity in their day-to-day processes?

Erich: Where can people go to find out more about Amb3r and connect with you?

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