Business in a COVID/Post COVID World


For the first Women in Garment Decorating quarterly podcast, the 2 Regular Guys have a new twist for 2021. Rather than turning over the mics as they’ve done in the past, Terry and Aaron will be full participants interviewing women from the industry. Kristine Shreve was an incredible host, and you can find more fantastic interviews from her on her Women + Business podcast.

Friday’s guests will be Mel Lay from AllMade Apparel and Kelly Walters with Stahls. Tune in for a discussion on the past COVID year and what to expect in the near future for garment/product decorators.

Our Success GroupOur regular listeners know this, but 2 Regular Guys are all about garment decorating, a bit of fun, and no rants or lectures or selling. We are not doing this for our employers, but rather for our industry. Since February 2013, The 2 Regular Guys have been the first and the most listened to garment decorating industry podcast on this planet! We are humbled by all of you tuning in each week. We work hard to bring you information that will make your business better, and our industry better. Take a look at our incredible weekly guest list and you’ll understand where this industry goes for news, interviews, and the heartbeat of garment decorating. Thanks for listening!


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Business in a COVID/Post COVID World

Aaron: Tell us about your backgrounds. Let’s start with…

Terry: How has Covid changed your business starting back a year ago?

Aaron: What are some adjustments your company made?

Terry: What are the likely permanent changes you’ve had to make?

Aaron: Work from home and schools being closed has impacted many of us. Has this impacted you or others in your businesses?  

Terry: What have been the biggest positives to come out of the “New Normal”?

Aaron: What can’t you wait to go back to doing that we have not been able to do since March of 2020?

Terry: How can our listeners find each of you?

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5 Ways Facebook Groups Can Be Useful

  1. Organic Ranking –  Pages,  which is what many businesses use,  and ranked using an algorithm. Groups rank posts based on what has the latest comment or like.   This allows the owner of the group to see what topics are getting the most engagement and generating the most enthusiasm. 
  2. Targeted Audiences –  Facebook groups are usually built around a specific interest,  task or company.   That means that the audience who joins generally will have an attraction to the topic of the group.   They’ll be more willing to have discussions and learn about the subject. 
  3. Education –  There are many groups out there designed for specific garment decoration techniques.   These groups do take some vetting to make sure information is accurate and useful,  but they can be great places to learn something new or brush up on current techniques. 
  4. Feedback –  Groups can be a great place to ask questions or an audience that has an interest in your subject.   If you want to test a  new idea or float questions about a possible new product,  a group is an ideal place to do that. 
  5. Building community –  Having a strong community on Facebook is one way that a business can build effective engagement.   Creating a group centered on your business can be a way to get people to engage with your business.  It also can help build trust. 

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