Changes to Your Business in a Changing World


(Sponsored by Impressions) This week on the 2 Regular Guys podcast Katie Wubben from Trouble Me Knot will be joining Aaron and Terry. The topic will be Changes to Your Business. Katie’s business, like many of us, has been through some drastic changes. For Katie, changes for the better. We’ll discuss the challenges that come with change, and how to manage it all. We’ll even have some tips on how to navigate the landscape of change.

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  • Industry Sales and Events Veteran Josh Carruth Joins PRINTING United Alliance as Apparel Community Managing Director – PRINTING United Alliance has announced the appointment of apparel industry veteran Josh Carruth to managing director, apparel community. In this role, Carruth is responsible for the growth and support of all apparel-related programs and membership initiatives at PRINTING United Alliance. Carruth will oversee the Apparel Zone, a working microfactory on the show floor at PRINTING United Expo, which takes place Oct. 6-8 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla

  • With more COVID confusion with the Delta Variant, we’ve decided to give you all trade show updates at least every couple of weeks. Ray Weiss with Printing United gave us an Orlando update last week so here are responses from the three other major shows for our industry. Aaron, Erich and myself will be in the 2 Regular Guys booth at Printing United right by the Apparel Zone, so be sure to stop by and see us if you’re planning to be there.

  • Jamar Laster with Impressions Expo: I wanted to update you all on our new health & safety plan for Atlantic City. It has changed since I came on the podcast and we just sent an email about it to our community. In short, everyone, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, are required to wear face masks in ALL state-owned buildings, which includes the Atlantic City Convention Center. Please note: these public, indoor spaces include exhibit halls, meeting rooms, and lobbies. Masks will be made available at the event, if needed. Impressions Expo in Atlantic City, NJ is August 26-28. Here’s a link to the health & safety page on our Atlantic City website:

  • Scott Ritter with the DAX Show: We’re looking forward to a great show at DAX Chicagoland, and attendance has surged in the last 2 weeks to the point where we have had to make arrangements in the floor plan to accommodate a larger than expected crowd! We’re even seeing people register from New Jersey and Pennsylvania! If you are worried about traveling to large cities right now, it’s good to know that the DAX show venue is located on I-80, just southwest of the Chicago metro area. For almost anybody attending, there is no need to go through Chicago to get to the very safe, friendly, and upscale suburb of Tinley Park. The convention center has installed a new air handling system making it one of the first convention facilities in the country to have a ‘negative-pressure’ event space, with the air in the exhibit hall being exchanged with outside air several times an hour. As of this moment, there is no mask mandate or other restriction on events in Tinley Park.

  • Dave Pomeroy with Graphics Pro Expo: Dave says, GPX Long Beach was—no hyperbole here—our best attended event yet this year. All three days of the show were quite busy. We had nearly everyone who was there from NBM pitching in at various times at registration / badge pick-up, just to keep the lines moving. LA County had a mask mandate in effect, but we found exhibitors and attendees to be very cooperative…everyone was there to do business and this didn’t slow things down a bit. Remaining GPX events for 2021: Pittsburgh September 24-25 and Charlotte October 29-30. Hope to see everyone there! 

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Changes to Your Business in a Changing World

Terry: Welcome to the 2 Regular Guys Podcast, Katie Wubben. She is owner of Trouble Me Knot Embroidery, has been in the apparel industry since age 18 and knew nothing about what running a business entailed. She learned quickly while being a self taught screen printer. After adding embroidery to the lineup of services upon many requests from customers, Katie soon found herself enjoying the endless options embroidery brought to the business. It did not take long for Katie to realize that was one of the best decisions she could have made. Utilizing multi-media to expand creativity has opened many new doors within the business. Welcome to the show.

Aaron: We have been fortunate enough to get to know you at the trade shows, specifically DAX. I know the footprint and crowds have been smaller this year, but your booth space has been pretty substantial. Why the big change?

Terry: What are some of the biggest challenges when it comes to navigating all of the changes you have had to make to your business?

Aaron: What parts of the changes have surprised you? What has been the most pleasant surprise?

Terry: We know you are quite the educator if you could teach Aaron how to embroider, how have these changes scratched the teaching itch for you?

Aaron: As you have navigated the changing landscape, what has been the #1 lesson you learned? How can our listeners, the decorators of the word, learn from that lesson?

Terry: What is on the horizon for you and Trouble Me Knot?

Aaron: How can people find you? I know you will be at DAX Next week, but any other ways they can contact you?

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