Changing Marketplace… Order Sizes Downward


Aaron and Terry will be talking with a long-time friend of the show, Nathan Leber. As a multi-machine automatic screen printer, Nathan will discuss his firsthand knowledge of the downward movement of decorated apparel order sizes. This will be a conversation directly from the screen printing trenches. Always great information from Nathan and his passion for garment decorating will show.

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Changing Marketplace

Nathan Leber is an Ohio farm-boy turned art major. In the past 11 years, he has worked and managed some of the largest spiritwear and retail fashion garment decoration shops in the United States. Nathan founded Leber Design & Print in 2016 and works to provide high-end fashion apparel and creative graphic development for companies starting or continuing to grow their retail brand. Since then the company has grown exponentially and recognized by multiple industries and business outlets for creativity and desire to give back to the industry and local community. Nathan loves all things about the garment decorating industry but his passion and focus is in developing teams and leaders to help push and move everyone forward with focus, drive, and collaboration. 

Terry: We’ve talked several times in the past about the downsizing of print production orders. Talk to us a little bit about that.

Aaron: How has this impacted your own business? Are you rethinking your approach to production?

Terry: Nate, has the introduction of short-run manufacturing such as DTG and Sublimation impacted the industry? In other words, has it changed the way our customer thinks?

Aaron: We always like to dust off the crystal ball here on 2 Regular Guys. Talk to us about the future of screen printed apparel in your eyes.

Terry: Let’s shift gears a little. We’ve run into each other at a lot of trade shows. What’s your anticipation of the next shows coming up, and will trade shows change in the future?

Aaron: Tell our listeners how they can find you. 

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