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Sponsored by PRINTING United – Jeff Fuller of Fuller Embroidery Works and Justin Armenta of JA Digitizing and of The Embroidery Nerd Join us to talk about Building Community, Teaching and Learning online, and to give insights about popular questions tips, and techniques in the embroidery space as well as giving us a sneak peek at their immediately upcoming 3D foam webinar. Join Aaron Montgomery and occasional co-host, Erich Campbell, as they go live with inspiring conversations on community and embroidery with Jeff and Justin!


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Dad Joke: What did the ocean say to the shore?

Nothing, it just waved.

From Lewis Montgomery

Community, Education, and Embroidery

Jeff Fuller started his venture into embroidery as a patch collector. His curiosity led him into starting Fuller Embroidery Works with one single needle machine in his living room. His obsession with the craft led him to purchase two more commercial machines and open his doors. In 2019, Jeff founded The Embroidery Nerd group on Facebook, intending to educate and share tips with both new and veteran embroiderers. The group has flourished with over 2000 members from 94 countries.

Justin Armenta is an 27 year veteran of the industry, an award winning digitizer, owner of JA Digitizing Studios, and an embroidery production manager for a multihead embroidery and screenprint company with experience in drawing prep for the old tablet digitizing and operating embroidery machines, He currently works with logo design, vector art, and screen print and embroidery production management as well as his primary work in digitizing.  Though new to the education side of the game, Justin finds himself loving to teach and engage with the Embroidery Nerd group


Erich: Let’s start by letting our audience get to know you both a little better- give us a little detail about how you got your start in the embroidery and decorated apparel industry? Are you in the ‘accidental career’ camp like me, or how did you come to find yourself in this space?

Aaron: I know we’re definitely going to get into embroidery, but before we get too deep, I wanted to talk to you about something I know we both believe in- Community. Jeff, first I’d like to know what made you want to start the Embroidery Nerd group, and then from both you and Justin, why do you think communities like it are so important?

Erich: One thing we have in common aside from saying the word ‘stitch’ about 1000 times a day, is that we have all spent a lot of time in the last year going ‘live’ with education. What are your favorite things about going live and what’s been the hardest about teaching ‘without a net’? Let’s start with you Justin.

Aaron: The Regulators know that the 2 Regular Guys are consistently beating the drum of quality education; what have your experiences been with education and why did you decide to start your own more formal classes and webinars?

Erich: As someone who has spent a lot of time teaching and answering embroidery questions, I have to ask, what do you think are the most frequently asked questions and problems you find yourself returning to when interacting with embroiderers?

Aaron: Do you find that there’s more call for basic knowledge training, or are more people looking for specialty techniques? Moreover, are people asking more for how-to, technical training, or how much are business/operational/marketing questions part of the conversation?

Erich: Knowing that you folks are one day away from your second session dedicated to 3D foam, I know that there’s a call for technique-specific classes- why did you go with 3D foam, and what are you excited to teach in this second, intermediate session?

Aaron: We’re big on adding perceived value to products; what do you think that 3D foam does for the value of a garment, and what are you teaching tomorrow that you find adds that kind of value? 

Erich: We’ve talked about the group over and over and folks know you are teaching, but where can our listeners find more of what you guys are up to? What should we be looking out for in the near future?

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