November 15th, 2013 Show Notes – Corel DRAW Tips and Tricks

Corel Draw Tips and TricksNovember 15th Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast from November 15th, 2013, so you can get more details on some of the items we discussed. The guys were joined by Jay Busselle who is a CorelDraw expert and gave us lots of information and plenty to Corel Draw Tips and Tricks.

Corel Draw Tips and Tricks

  • History about the software program CorelDRAW and how it became so popular?
  • Why people use CorelDRAW in the first place?
    • Affordability – $399, ease of use and powerful suite.
  • Why does the professional design community look down on and even speak negatively about CorelDRAW?
  • Describe some of the common users – what are they doing with CorelDRAW?
    • Converting jpg’s to vectors, vinyl cutting, screen separations, rhinestones and there are some great plug ins available.
  • Strengths of the program?

About Jay: Jay Busselle began his screen printing, graphics and advertising career while in high school. He started printing “unofficial replica” T-shirts of his favorite surfing, skiing and skateboarding companies. It didn’t take long before Jay was working for a screen printer and soon thereafter his family owned a promotional advertising agency with an emphasis on apparel decoration. 30 years later, Jay says he’s almost grown up! Jay is currently ranked #13 on the Stitches Magazine Power 75 list, is a highly rated industry speaker and presenter, has authored several articles for trade publications and is an accomplished graphics software trainer. He lives in Arizona with his wife Jenn and their 6 great children.


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