Creating an Intentional Week


Back in early November 2020, Matt joined us briefly to talk about intentionality. It was a great conversation, but we didn’t get to dig deep. Fortunately for all of us who need more intention in our lives, Matt Granados from Life Pulse Inc. is back to go deeper into the topic of creating an intentional week. Matt is the author of the book “Motivate the Unmotivated: A proven system for sustainable motivation” and the inventor of the LP Planner system. Ready to be motivated and keep the motivation to get the things that needed doing, done!

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Intentional Week

Aaron: Over the last decade, Matt Granados has tested, developed and helped thousands of others implement an effective and easy to duplicate system that will help you build an unbreakable foundation for your life as well as motivate even the most unmotivated individuals in your life. With over 10 years and 10,000 hours of studying, using, and teaching these concepts, Matt is considered to be an expert on teaching individuals how to build an unbreakable foundation for themselves as well as their organization, along with how to properly manage motivation.

Terry: We were checking out your Facebook page in preparation for this show, and in a post from a few days ago, you talked about the Zeigarnik Effect. Can you explain that to us?

Aaron: Matt one thing that I love about the quick videos you do weekly is the great nuggets of info that you give out in short bit sizes. A recent one you talked about the grass being greener on the other side. Could you explain that?

Terry: There’s a new book coming out since we last spoke? Tell us about the concept.

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5 Ways to Reduce the Struggle when you are learning Embroidery Digitizing

  1. Learn operation first – if you don’t know the machines, you won’t know how to control them. Learn to operate with ‘known good designs’ from another digitizer.
  2. Keep your Machine in order – Digitizing can’t change thread tension; if your machine is in a clean and working state, you can be sure issues that crop up are in the file.
  3. Use quality materials – Don’t skimp on materials when you are testing; use professional goods to eliminate material issues as a concern
  4. Analyze and Reproduce – find a file you love, measure it’s settings, and try to reproduce it. Don’t copy for sale, but do copy to familiarize yourself with settings and tools
  5. Start Small – Simple victories will confirm techniques and fire you up to keep going. Don’t take on that crazy jacket back for your first file, keep it to simple shapes and essential stitch combinations.

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