April 10th, 2015 Show Notes – Dealing with Tricky Subjects

April 10th Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Unfortunately not every interaction with our customers or potential customers is the most pleasant rewarding experience. Sometimes we catch these customers on a bad day, or maybe they just have a weird outlook on things and some of the comments from them are out of school or down right inappropriate. We are bringing in friend of the show, Andrea Bommarito to bring the female perspective to this conversation and we will bring you some tips and tricks we have used in our experiences when dealing with tricky subjects. Bring your questions and share some of your experiences so we can all help each other provide a better customer experience.

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Other Information

Read online that Kentucky lost $1.5 million in royalties due to their loss in the Final Four. That translates to garment decorators losing $15 million in sales as a result.

Upcoming events for decorated apparel and products – Cinco de Mayo, 8th grade trips, senior shirts, Memorial Day around the corner so lots of welcome to summer activities… Maybe time for another Niche Markets show…

Dealing with Tricky Subjects

Trouble Shooting Tips

Customers/Vendors who make inappropriate comments, questionable language or terminology.
Vendors who use terms such as “Honey” and “Sweetheart” or even “Baby”
Emails/texts/etc for terms as Sweet Lady, Beautiful Lady, etc.
A phone call where every time the guy would greet me by saying “Hey Baby”
Vendor telling my brother how “Hot” I am
Another customer using profanity (no patience) just because they were frustrated – customers who don’t let you talk…Frustration can lead to heated discussions – be mindful that you are there to help – don’t be afraid to factually state your side – don’t cower and back off (old idea of customer is always right). There is a difference between good customer service and making the customer feel good versus accommodating the customer to what they want.
Customers wanting to talk about other vendors in a negative light. (If they talk out of school with you, they’ll do the same about you.)
Remember the golden rule

Customers making threats
Customer calling in about buying but being belligerent and confrontational
A Customer called me for support, was happy to help, then got real crappy on the phone. He would not let me know his name, or anything that could identify him. He threatened to copy our software and sell it from under us. As soon as he threatened our company with this, I had to let the customer know that if this is his intention then I have to leave the conversation and warn our lawyers. He did not like that response – and he tried to keep going. I told him that it was a good idea that we can talk after overcoming these hurdles (threats).
Customer using profanity and physical threats to “kick his ass.” Sometimes you have to just fire a customer. Firing back at the customer is the easiest mistake.
When customers bring in the “lawyer” talk – sometimes customers/vendors need to take time to cool off.
Irrational Demands – they want everything for free
“I’ll go to the forums if you don’t…”
Customers who want to argue with you about features, etc.

Trade shows
Customers looking for training or support
Customers interrupting a conversation to interject their questions
The much too important customer (turning and walking away during the conversation)
Making a scene in your booth – in front of other customers

Customer getting off subject & talking your ear off
Customers telling me intimate details of their life – including their bowel movements, the talk about “sex practices” with their kids, daughter’s crazy/weird marriage just to make a guy legal and he was a transvestite.
Stay indifferent if someone brings up anything political. People get very emotional about political stances.

Dealing with customers/vendors from different regions of the country
How you approach a customer in NYC is quite different from a customer in Kansas City.

Negative Selling – Does it work or work against you?
Customer I talked to last week in Virginia complaining about negative selling from another company – told “this kid” to never call him again. The kid had told him the DTG machine he bought was “a piece of crap.”
Making comparisons with other products, companies, without coming off petty.
Customers starting with the phrase “Well, they (competitor) told me that you… (fill in the blank)”
Related is the customer who calls and says, “I know I didn’t buy this machine from you, but can you help me?”

From the Chat Room:
ErichCampbell: Good morning, all!
2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration: Morning Erich!
ErichCampbell: I always put it this way- a situation like this is a fire, adding fuel, adding heat, isn’t going to help. You have to stay cool and collected- the first thing to realize is that it’s almost never personal, and even when it is, you control your reaction.
ErichCampbell: That’s the magic word- Professional. 😉
ErichCampbell: The smallest amount of recognition goes so far with everyone- same for customers and customer service.
ErichCampbell: You always have to know your audience and your corporate culture and work to harmonize the two.
ErichCampbell: Thread tattoos are less fun than you think.
AndreaBommarito: Erich – you are right on with everything!
ErichCampbell: Thanks, Andrea- Talking to myself, but I guess I can’t help it. 😉
ErichCampbell: They are really fun to design with- and you think Embroidery has it’s constraints. 😉
ErichCampbell: Rhinestone stuff is pretty great.
2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration: Erich – We heard you! Sorry we didnt get to share as much today.
ErichCampbell: Hehehe- no worries! It was a really great show!
ErichCampbell: Such good points!


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