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We welcome to the show for the first time, Mark J. Subers who is the President of PRINTING United. Mark is going to share with us the dedicated sessions, content, resources, and products that will be specifically available to the decorator’s community throughout the PRINTING United Digital Experience and into 2021.

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Printing United Digital Experience

Mark J. Subers is the President of PRINTING United. Subers has oversight of all events produced by the joint entity which includes all summits and conferences for the “Impressions” brands – Printing Impressions, In-plant Impressions, Packaging Impressions, and Wide-format Impressions. PRINTING United successfully launched in October 2019 and represented a sea change in the way trade expositions are run in the industry.

A: Please give our viewers a brief overview of the PRINTING United Digital Experience.

E: Why did the Alliance feel it was important to transition the event to an online experience this year?

A: Can you tell our viewers what days specifically will be of interest to them?

E: Who are some of the presenters that we may know?

A: What new technology is anticipated to be shown in this market segment that our listeners may be particularly excited about?

A: Can you share with us some statistics from the PRINTING United Alliance in this market segment that you’ve recently discovered that will be addressed during the event?

E: What can we expect to see from PRINTING United in this space in 2021?

A: Where can our listeners reach out to you and get more information? Check out all the Details at

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5 Principles of Success

5 Principles of Success

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  3. Set SMART Goals – How Much and By When
  4. Take Action – F.E.A.R. = Fantasized Experience Appearing Real
  5. Believe It’s Possible – Stay Persistent

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