October 18th, 2013 Show Notes – New Direct to Screen Technology

Direct to ScreenOctober 18th Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast from the October 18th episode. On this episode the guys welcome in Geoff Baxter from M&R to tell us about their new Direct to Screen Technology.Aaron: Just returned from China. Amazing trip.

Terry: Got some comments from a recent screen print class attendee about how he finally got it after attending the class. Good note to not always believe everything you see on the internet. Follow Terry on Twitter.

Direct-to-Screen Technology

Today’s guest is Geoff Baxter, the Director of Digital Products for M&R Companies.

  •  Geoff’s background
  • I-IMAGE ST Computer-to-Screen Imaging & Exposure System
  • Gerber direct-to-screen machine. Do you think the time is at hand for the industry to move away from film?
    • Current breaking point is 40 to 50 screens a day to invest in this technology.

Sam Wildt from the chat: Tell us about the new LED system – I-IMAGE STE Computer-to-Screen Imaging & Exposure System

  • What developments do you see on the horizon for all of us?

Find Geoff at their website www.mrprint.com or email him at geoff.baxter@mrprint.com or see him at the SGIA show in booth 1654.

Other News/Events


  • SGIA Expo (Orlando) – October 23rd to 25th

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