Disability Inclusion in the Print Industry


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Jed Seifert from Stakes Mfg will join the 2 Regular Guys on Friday. Stakes Manufacturing is a print-on-demand apparel company out of Cleveland, OH, where they are passionate about inclusion and currently employ several individuals with different disabilities. Jed has been leading the charge to make employing people with disabilities the norm in our industry, not just an outlier. Jed will share what he learned from the panel discussion at Printing United and where he sees the need for more education and information. He will also share how you can participate in this worthwhile effort within your business because it makes sense morally and business-wise.

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Disability Inclusion

Aaron: Jed Seifert is the Co-founder of Stakes Manufacturing, a print-on-demand and wholesale apparel printing company out of Cleveland, OH where they are passionate about inclusion and currently employ a number of individuals with different disabilities. Stakes was recently awarded the APSE 2022 National Employer of the Year recognizing their hard work building an inclusive workforce employing people with disabilities.

Terry: Jed, let’s start with how you came to our industry.

Aaron: Talk to us more about your passion for disability inclusion in business.

Terry: Why does inclusion make sense for businesses? 

Aaron: Why do you think more companies aren’t hiring people with disabilities?

Terry: You were a part of a Printing United panel about a week ago. Talk to us about that panel and what it brought to light for the audience.

Aaron: Tell us how companies can get started with hiring people with disabilities?

Terry: If our listeners want to participate, what resources are available for them to find support?

Terry: What are some of the “wins” you’ve seen from our industry?

Aaron: What more can we all do going forward? What is next for you and this movement?

Terry: How can our listeners find you?


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