Doing Good in Difficult Times – #HereForGood


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Join us as we talk about ‘printing hope’ with Sloan Coleman, co founder of Tiny Little Monster screen printing and the powerhouse behind the small-business saving #HereforGood movement. We’ll discuss how Sloan is saving local St. Louis businesses and keeping her shop afloat despite the setbacks caused by COVID-19. We will talk to her about how the program works and how you might be able to implement that in your community.

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  • “90 Days Before You Pay” on Stahl’s Spirit Sale Platform –  Stahl’s has decided to offer something to help apparel decorators who don’t have online stores. They think that it is such a critical component of survival for many shops and supporting other small businesses during this time and really thriving beyond this time.  The program is “90 Days Before You Pay” on the new Spirit Sale Platform. At the 90 day window, the shop can cancel or pay for the service, the price is $599 a year normally. Our hope is that they’ve generated enough revenue and we are out of this mess so they want to continue.  But if not, they cancel and no money is exchanged. Use this promo code on SPIRIT Add the product to your cart and check out with that code and it kicks in the special terms and zeros out the transaction.

    To sign up for the daily weekday demo at 3pm EST:

    Josh also published an Apparel Decorating Survival Guide.  It shares some concepts about this along with sample stores:

#HereForGood Doing Good in Difficult Times

Aaron: Thanks again to the Impressions Expo. Make sure you are supporting them as they have been juggling all these changes. And speaking of Impressions Expo, let’s welcome in Josh Carruth and Marcia Derryberry.

Aaron: Lots of upheaval among the trade shows, Josh. Give us an update on Impressions Expo in 2020.

Terry: Marcia, you mentioned gathering information about the COVID-19 impact on the industry. Where can folks find that info and what should they do to tell their own story?


Aaron: Sloan Coleman, who directs marketing and sales with Tiny Little Monster, is the human tornado that swirled into the custom apparel world when she saw her industry, community, and fellow small business owners suffering. She became relentless in her pursuit of a solution and developed a plan to save her shop. Once it was working Sloan enlisted the help of industry leaders to keep the faucet flowing for the community-focused print shop.

Aaron: Let’s start by you telling us a little bit about Tiny Little Monster.

Terry: Here for Good, Sloan. Tell us what it is.

Aaron: This seems to have taken off across the country. Share that story.

Terry: Where does it go from here? And where does Tiny Little Monster go from here?

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