DTF Transfers: Game Changer?


Join the 2 Regular Guys as they delve into the impact of Direct-to-Film (DTF) transfers on the apparel decorating industry. Russ Turner from Impressions Expo joins the show to share his insights from the recent Long Beach event and what he expects to see at the upcoming show in Atlantic City. Terry and Aaron continue the conversation, exploring the potential safety concerns and the real impact of DTF on the industry. Is DTF truly a game changer for the apparel decoration sector? Tune in to hear Terry’s thoughts as someone deeply involved in the industry through his work with Equipment Zone, and join the conversation with the #Regulators live.

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Is DTF a Game Changer?

Aaron: Russ Turner with Impressions Expo is joining us here at the top of the show. Russ, welcome to the podcast.

Terry: Myself and Erich were just in Long Beach, California. Tell us how successful you thought the event was in terms of attendance and satisfaction of those attendees and the vendors.

Aaron: A lot of buzz is happening around DTF in the apparel space and I heard Long Beach was no different. What does DTF mean to the Impressions Expo and what does one of the industries learning trade shows think about the technology?

Terry: Impressions Expo is doing three shows this year. Tell us what our listeners can expect in Atlantic City in March, and then down the road in Ft Worth.

Aaron: Beyond 2023, is there a plan to expand the locations again like in the past?

Terry: Russ, how can our listeners reach you and how can they sign up to attend upcoming events?

  • Why did the 2 Regular Guys want to tackle this topic?
    • Had others on in the past (Todd Downing twice, Don Copeland)
    • Honesty about Terry and his role with Equipment Zone and their place in the market
      (Terry has always been that type of guy anyway, never steering people wrong just to get a sale)
  • Direct-to-Film… how it works and why do people use it?
    • PET Film – Polyethylene terephthalate
    • Adhesive – polyurethane resin
    • Let’s talk about curing options
  • Why is it so appealing that everyone is flocking to get their piece of the DTF pie?
  • What are the drawbacks of the equipment – Challenges people are not talking about?
  • What are the limitations of the technology – when it comes to transferring, washability etc? 
  • Is the use of DTF and adhesive powders safe for our long-term health? 
  • Fumes can cause eye, skin, or respiratory irritation or potentially an allergic reaction for some

ULTIMATE QUESTION – CLOSER Game Changer or Flavor of the Month?