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Welcome to the start of Season 12! Join Terry, Aaron, and show producer Erich Campbell as they unveil insider tips and tricks for stepping into the spotlight as industry speakers. Stemming from their recent annual “10 Things We Would Like to See” episodes, this discussion dives deep into crafting compelling proposals, designing impactful presentations, and engaging audiences with authenticity and flair. From idea selection to test runs, they’ll share actionable strategies to help aspiring speakers make their mark on the industry circuit. Tune in and discover how to amplify your voice and become a sought-after speaker in your field!

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Dad Joke

Terry: I’m writing a new book on Reverse Psychology

Please do not buy the book!

Being a Seminar Speaker

How did everyone get started down this road?

Is your idea of interest to attendees? And is it a big enough topic for 1 hour plus?

Making your proposal

Start with bullet points of topics to cover

What should your slides look like?

Having some fun relating to your audience

Encourage questions, and engage your audience. When the questions start, you’ve got them.

Real-life stories to illustrate your points help your audience relate.

Examples to pass around are always a hit.

Test run on the clock. Take a deep breath and slow down! Have fun.

Aaron: My 9-step system. Determine the goal of the session. Brainstorm all the details to cover, Put it into 3 to 5 sections, sort into a good order of flow (why, what, how), build your slides, script your slides, walkthrough (ensuring animation, flow), bullet point your script, final rehearsal.


The Secret Sauce

We serve up bite-sized tips for our #regulators to instantly spice up their decorated apparel business. Just like the perfect wing sauce, these quick tips can transform your business experience, adding flavor and depth to your operations. Each video in this playlist is a nugget of wisdom, carefully selected for its potential to bring immediate value to your work. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in the decorated apparel industry, dip into our ‘Secret Sauce’ for insights that can help you soar. Remember, the right tip at the right time can be just the secret ingredient you need for success.