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Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. This week, we will briefly review marketing planning and social media, but plan to really dive deep into email marketing. Aaron and Terry will show their strategies for avoiding the spam filters and bring you their experience with email marketing. Aaron has been creating and planning email marketing for nearly 15 years, and Terry has been sending a successful Screen Printing newsletter weekly for years. Learn how to bring in business by sending emails correctly.

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Email Marketing

Marketing Planning

  1. Started with Planning because if you don’t have a plan, you might as well not waste your time.
  2. There are lots of excuses which I have used all of them. (5 Most Common)
  3. Plan starts with honest assessment of “Who are you?” and don’t just take your own word for it – Ask Employees, Outside Friends, and Family, Customers
    1. Have them describe your company as an Elevator Speech
  4. The Core of a good marketing plan is a SWOT Analysis
  5. Your Plan must have a budget (Money and Time) gives you something to track and measure as it will hold you and the plan accountable.

Social Media

  1. Find where your customer are on social media, and trust me they are on social media
    • The World has 7.3 Billion people and 2.3 billion of those people have Social Media Accounts (Over 30%)
    • 78 percent of Americans have at least one active social media profile
    • China has 1.3 Billion people / Facebook has 1.7 Billion Monthly Active Users
  2. How to use your time wisely on Social Media
    • First and foremost Social Media is all about being Social. PERIOD!
    • 1 of 10 Rule for posts of sales messages.
    • Social Media was designed to be a Social Interaction Platform, not a marketing platform, we are just using it as such so we must follow their rules.
    • Complete profiles. Put your website on the profiles. Opportunity to drive people to your website which is the goal
    • Schedule your posts! Hootsuite and Buffer

Terry: Let’s get back on track Aaron. I’ve got to think that Email Marketing has got to be a tricky one to deal with. It’s really easy to hit the “delete button” without even opening an email.

Terry: OK, makes sense, but all I can think of is SPAM and not the tasty kind.

  • Would I want to read this? This is really the starting point. When you re-read what you’ve written, you should constantly be asking yourself, “Would I keep reading? Or would I stop?”
  • Am I speaking as I wish to be spoken to? The tone is hard to master: you need to be yourself and find a “voice” that makes sense to your customers and your business. You should always sense-check whether you’re talking in a way that is respectful, professional and consistent.
  • Can I cut more out? Most people have a nasty habit of repeating themselves and writing too much. There’s nothing wrong with long copy (it often converts better) but long does not equal effective by default. Get someone to proofread your content and, if you need to, cut the crap!
  • What is the call to action? Having a single call to action and repeating that CTA is something you should aim for in every email you send out. Keep it simple, keep it direct and make sure your customers get where you’re going with it.

Terry: So how do I go about sending email marketing. Do I just put all the emails in the To: Field and hit send?

  • Need to find a service. Using your regular email will not only hurt your marketing but could hurt your business communication.
  • Features to look for: Easy to Create, Easy to Manage Your List, Easy to Grow your list, Links with Social Media, Provides tracking you can understand and take action on and finally, fits your budget.
  • Top 5 Services – Topica, GetResponse, Constant Contacts, AWeber, and Mail Chimp

Terry: What types of emails should I be sending through these services?

  • Surveys, Newsletters, Inventory Notifications, Testimonials, Educational and Promotional.

Terry: Do you have a final marketing comment for our listeners?

  • Follow us at 2RegularGuys on Social Media and reach out to us with the #2RGMarketing and we will send you a little Marketing Care Package. Reference Guide and SWOT Template.

Aaron: Terry how about you, what things would you like to make sure our listeners understand about marketing from your experiences.

  • Staying in front of your customers and potential customers – my newsletter
  • Even my “sales” posts are more informational

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