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Join Terry Combs and Aaron Montgomery in exploring the concept of participation within the industry. They share personal anecdotes, insights, and lessons learned from their own experiences, emphasizing the importance of sharing knowledge, building relationships, and growing together. From the early days of secretive practices to the present era of open collaboration, they explore how participation has evolved and why it’s more crucial than ever. They also discuss the human instincts of competition, the unique strengths that make each business special, and the rewarding feeling of helping others succeed. Tune in for a rich conversation filled with humor, wisdom, and a genuine passion for the industry.

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Industry Participation

In this engaging episode of the Two Regular Guys Podcast, hosts Terry Combs and Aaron Montgomery explore the multifaceted concept of participation within the industry. They embark on a journey that takes listeners from the early days of the industry, marked by secretive practices, to the present era of open collaboration and sharing.

Personal Beginnings

Terry and Aaron kick off the episode by reflecting on their personal beginnings in the industry. Terry shares his nervous experience of conducting his first seminar back in 1991, facing a crowd of 150 people. He recalls how introducing himself as a “regular guy” resonated with the audience, setting the stage for a more relaxed and engaging interaction.

Evolution of Participation

The hosts discuss the evolution of participation in the industry. They note how the industry has come a long way from a time when information was closely guarded. With the advent of the internet and more trade shows, doors have opened for sharing knowledge and experiences. Terry emphasizes that everyone has unique insights and experiences that can benefit others, even if they think their knowledge is common.

The Importance of Sharing

The episode emphasizes the importance of sharing knowledge without expecting anything in return. Aaron shares a profound lesson from a mentor: “You just can’t out give the universe.” This philosophy underscores the belief that giving leads to receiving in unexpected ways. The hosts also highlight how participation has led to opportunities, relationships, and learning experiences for them.

Human Instincts and Competition

Terry and Aaron delve into the human instincts of competition, acknowledging that these instincts can sometimes hinder collaboration. They argue that in today’s world, there’s no need for cutthroat competition. What makes a business unique is the individuals and their specific strengths, not hoarding secrets.

Stories and Experiences

Throughout the episode, Terry and Aaron share personal stories and experiences that bring their insights to life. Whether it’s Terry’s anecdotes from his screen printing classes or Aaron’s reflections on the unique strengths that make each business special, these stories add depth and relatability to the conversation.

The Rewarding Aspect of Participation

One of the standout themes of the episode is the rewarding aspect of participation. Terry speaks passionately about how helping others succeed in their businesses has been fulfilling. He shares encounters with people who have expressed gratitude for the insights and knowledge shared through the podcast and seminars.

Challenges and Opportunities

The hosts also touch on challenges and opportunities in participation. They acknowledge that not everyone feels comfortable sharing or may feel that their knowledge is not valuable. However, they encourage listeners to recognize the value they can bring and the growth that can come from engaging with others.


The episode concludes with a call to action for listeners to reflect on their participation in the industry. What does participation look like for them? What could they do more? What does it mean to them? These reflective questions encourage listeners to think about their role in the industry and how they can contribute to the rising tide that lifts all boats.

In a mix of humor, insights, and real-life examples, this episode of the Two Regular Guys Podcast offers a fresh perspective on participation in the industry. It’s a rich conversation filled with wisdom, genuine passion, and a strong sense of community. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just starting, this episode is a valuable listen that encourages active participation, collaboration, and growth.

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