Episode 444 – A Look Back on the Last 10 Seasons


It is the 2 Regular Guys 444th episode which brings us into the first quarter of our 10th season. Where have 10 years gone? Show producer Erich Campbell will be joining Aaron and Terry to talk about our own favorite episodes over the span of 10 years.  And we’ll be asking the Regulators to be sharing their favorites as well! Plus we will break down the takeaways from those favorite episodes so you can go implement those into your business right away. 4 takeaways each to honor show 444.


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  • Terry: Pasadena City College in California is facing backlash after its board of trustees unanimously voted to cancel the school’s screen-printing program, the Pasadena Star-News reports. Supporters of the program have called PCC’s decision a “crime” against the local community, with some alleging the cancellation was made in violation of the school’s bylaws, the article explains. The college, for its part, says there were no improprieties and that the decision was handed down in accordance with established procedures.
  • Aaron: Getting all my ducks in a row for the upcoming SkillsUSA Competition in June in Atlanta. I need volunteers to come to the national competition and be judges in Atlanta this year on June 23rd and 24th. Please reach out to me if you know anyone or are interested. aaron@2regularguys.com
  • Aaron: Mutoh Suspends Printer Exports to Russia and Belarus, Mutoh, a manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, cutters, and inks, announces it is temporarily suspending all printer exports to Russia and Belarus amid its ongoing war with Ukraine and will not deliver any equipment to these regions. In a statement to its customers, the company says it is deeply concerned about the tragic developments in Ukraine and stands with all the people suffering.

Dad Joke: Did you know I joined a support group for people who talk too much?

It’s called On and On Anon

Review of Last 10 Years

Aaron: Heading to the way back machine. May 13, 2016 – I Wish Someone Told Me…

  • Where to learn more about this business
  • There was no set in stone method for accomplishing the tasks of this business

Terry: Is it cheating to say our first episode? Because that’s where this adventure began. Not suggesting anyone go back and listen so I’m not including a link here, but to be honest I didn’t know what a podcast was at that point in time. (I do have it online now though… https://www.2regularguys.com/show-number-1/

Aaron: January 2018 for my next one. A great conversation with Brett Bowden titled – Future of Garment Decoration with Brett Bowden

  • How focusing on a Niche can grow your business faster than being everything to everyone.
  • How Amazon is changing the game of garment decorating. Fast, Quality or Cheap – Pick two.

Terry: Theresa Hegel with the former Wearables Magazine and her State of the Decorated Apparel Industry surveys. The last time was February 1, 2019. State of the Industry

Aaron: This show I want to talk about is one that makes me a little sad. There are about 6 shows in 2014, that for whatever reason I didn’t get saved. I thought I saved them all, but I looked and looked and can’t find them. We have Mark Coudray on and he was talking about the change from Garment 2.0 to 3.0 and VC’s coming in etc. He must have had a crystal ball, but what is really true, his is just a really smart guy as we have reported recently on VC buying Printavo and Inksoft. Mark Cuban getting involved with Campus Ink. Etc. Decorating has changed drastically since 2014 and getting to talk to Mark about it was really cool. I think we need to get Mark back on soon. What should we talk to him about in 2022?

  • We need to be looking ahead further as an industry
  • We are bigger than we act sometimes, and I think what really shows our lack of understanding of the demand for our products is all the people willing to race to the bottom of the pricing game.
    • We are enhancing something that is a commodity, so don’t make price the only factor in why someone should buy from you.

Erich: The show that started it all on August 2nd, 2013 – I came on as a guest to talk about learning to digitize for embroidery. I got on the show and almost never left. 🙂 Add to that the episodes where I guest hosted with Kristine Shreve early on were memorable as well. We’ve done so many hosts shows that I always loved, but some of the outliers that stood out were the ones that didn’t just talk decoration- Copyright with Gordon Firemark being one that I always point to, (https://www.2regularguys.com/copyright-and-trademark-law/) we reached out and talked about things that weren’t just how-to or industry tips. Dave Harding coming in to talk equipment leasing and cash flow also ring a bell there. These may not be the run-out and get-inspired episodes, but they were solidly helpful and went beyond the usual tech tips we see in so much industry material. That said, the couple of episodes we’ve had with Pete Lovelace were also huge for me, both his episode pre-pandemic on being a virtuous leader and his post-pandemic episode about what’s next. It’s frank discussions and deep topics like that which stand apart. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq8pltxBDKA)

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5 Favorite Episodes from 2021

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  1. Road to Sublimation Success (David Gross)
  2. Women In Garment Decorating – Hiring And Keeping Employees (Wendy and Allison)
  3. Am I Doing This Right? (Terry, Erich and Aaron)
  4. Should I Be Printing This? (Jeff Schutzman)
  5. What’s Next for Apparel Businesses? (Pete Lovelace)

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