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Nicky Adamkiewicz will be joining the 2 Regular Guys to talk all things sublimation this week. Known as the Sassy Subber, Nicky is recognized on social media and across the world of sublimation. Join in on Friday with your decorating questions and have a great time with a two-time REGGIE award winner.

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Dad Joke: From Chris Thomas with Atlas Screen Supply

A man calls his doctor and says, “Doc, you’ve got to help me. I’m addicted to Twitter.”

The doctor says, “Sorry, I don’t follow.”

The Sassy Subber

Aaron: Nicky Adamkiewicz is the Sassy Subber, educator of and cheerleader for sublimation business owners and hobbyists. She is the founder of the Sassy Subber Facebook group, the host of a weekly education broadcast on Facebook and YouTube called “The Sass” and the proprietor of the Sassy Subber Designs Etsy Shop and the Sassy Subber e-commerce site. A fifth-generation crafter, Nicky considers crafting to be part of her DNA. Nicky is also the guiding light behind the “SisterTribes” a union of female Facebook group leaders who have joined together to work for the greater good of the decoration community. The winner of two 2021 Reggie awards, Nicky lives in upstate New York with her husband, adult children and pets.

Terry: Nicky, tell us how it all started for you.

It started with my dad aka Mr Sassypants (funny short story behind that)

Aaron: Before we talk about your more public image, tell us a little bit about your own business.

I actually have three businesses outside of The Sass ( my teaching show) I have the www.thesassysubber.com ( my printing services) https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheSassySubber (for my digital designs) and my www.lpbdesigns.com  is my physical business. 

Terry: What are your favorite items to decorate? And what product makes you groan just a little when a customer brings it up?

Ask me about the 40 tumbler club ( I strongly dislike tumblers ). I will talk about my favorites too. 

Aaron: What’s one thing you wish you knew before you got into sublimation?

The amount of trial and error that would be in this and how people who teach this make it look easy and perfect.

Terry: What would you say is the number one question you get from new sublimators?

It’s a close race between where did you get that and time, temp and pressure. 

Aaron: Nicky, why so much focus on education for you? 

When you work in this business it can seem very lonely no one will share with you the where the who or the why. Like it is some big secret. I wanted to break the walls down. show anyone and everyone they can do this and they are not alone. I show my mistakes, my frustration, and my successes. Being genuine also plays a huge role in that. I am real people, the girl next store, your hype girl, I am the whole package. I refuse to let you quit. 

Terry: Let’s talk trade shows in your future for 2022.

Other things I am teaching at my first trade show EEM show in April and at the Applique Getaway in July. Doing Meet and greets at both, Then the Tribe is taking over Vegas in October. 

Aaron: How about the sister tribe network. What’s that about?

Other thoughts .. the sister tribe network ( would have brothers but a lot of the groups are run by women) 

-talk about major vendors but let’s not forget about our small vendors ( mom and pop type)

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Five Factors that Impact Your Screen Print Image Quality

From Terry Combs, TerryCombs.com

  1. Start with good art and film positives
  2. Maintain proper screen tension
  3. Use the right mesh count for the art and substrate – most people use a mesh count too low
  4. Print off contact and one direction – push or pull, but not both
  5. Do not flash between colors beyond flashing your white underbase

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