Exploring Sales in Apparel Decorating


Abby Clarke from Transfer Express joins the 2 Regular Guys. Abby brings valuable insights gained from her experience and her passion for customer engagement. Tune in to gain fresh perspectives and industry insights that can enhance your approach to sales within the world of apparel decoration.
We’ll explore the facets of the industry that have captured Abby’s fascination and how she integrates customer feedback into her approach to sales and customer engagement. Discover effective strategies she has mastered for building strong client relationships and driving sales in the ever-evolving landscape of apparel decoration.

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Sales in Apparel Decorating

Aaron: Welcome. Share a bit about your journey into the apparel decorating industry and how you developed your passion for sales?

Terry: What aspects of the industry have you found most fascinating during your experience?

Aaron: You’ve mentioned your listening ear for customer insights. How do you incorporate these insights into your approach to sales and customer engagement?

Terry: Sales in the apparel decorating industry can be dynamic. Could you provide some strategies you’ve found effective in building meaningful client relationships?

Aaron: How does customer education play a role in the success of apparel decoration sales?

Terry: Let’s talk trends. What trends or shifts do you see in the future of sales and apparel decorating?

Aaron: What advice would you give to newcomers who are looking to succeed in the world of apparel decoration?

Terry: Where can the #Regulators connect with you?


Aaron: With a growing presence in the industry, what is your goal in contributing?


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We serve up bite-sized tips for our #regulators to instantly spice up their decorated apparel business. Just like the perfect wing sauce, these quick tips can transform your business experience, adding flavor and depth to your operations. Each video in this playlist is a nugget of wisdom, carefully selected for its potential to bring immediate value to your work. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in the decorated apparel industry, dip into our ‘Secret Sauce’ for insights that can help you soar. Remember, the right tip at the right time can be just the secret ingredient you need for success.