Embracing the AI Evolution in Garment Decoration


Industry expert Marshall Atkinson takes center stage to discuss the transformative concept of MidJourney. Join us for an insightful conversation that explores the impact of AI on the industry, its benefits, potential challenges, and how decorators can embrace this technological evolution. Gain valuable insights from Marshall Atkinson and Erich Campbell as they share their expertise and shed light on the exciting possibilities that AI brings to the world of garment decoration. Don’t miss this engaging episode that explores the future of artwork creation and MidJourney strategies for success in the industry.

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AI Evolution in Garment Decoration

Erich: Welcome to the show Marshall. Tell our listeners a little about yourself and your history in the industry.

Terry: Tell us about Midjourney and how our listeners might use it.

Erich: What would a decorator learn from the newsletter?

Terry: Is creating AI “stealing” someone’s art? What are the risks?

Erich: Once you create art using AI, do you own it?

Terry: For our FB viewers, can you show some examples?

Erich: Marshall, how can our listeners reach out to you for more information?

Erich and Terry discuss AI

Erich: Though I’m by no means as far down the rabbit hole of AI as some, I’ve found myself using various products and exploring some of the possibilities- for me, there are a few questions and concerns that are fairly universal as well as just an increasing awareness we all have that makes this a topic that’s fruitful for discussion. I’d like to toss around a few questions and get your experienced outlook on the way AI is being used in this industry and elsewhere as well as kick in a few of my own observations. Are you game to discuss this, Terry? 🙂

Q1: Being that we just got done talking to Marshall about Midjourney and other image-based AI questions, what are your comments and concerns on AI being used to generate art for print/decoration as well as secondary art like marketing materials?

(E’s notes – Tools, generative fill, Canva. Elementor, etc. vs/ direct AI to Digital Print chains)

Q2: Being a writer as you are, I’m sure you have seen the various uses of Large Language Models like OpenAI’s GPT models being used for ‘writing’- What have you seen and what’s your take on AI for text?

(E’s notes – ChatPDF/Support, self-trained models on documents, etc.)

Q3: In general, what are your chief concerns about the implementation in AI across the decoration space? What are your concerns about what you’ve seen so far?

(E’s notes – Creative Replacement vs. Reducing Labor)

Q4: Take a look into that crystal ball we keep for the end-of-the-year predictions, where do you see AI going in the decoration industry going forward, and what would you like to see?