Exploring the Future of Apparel Decorating


Insights from the Apparel Decorators Summit. We sit down with Jenna Sackett, from Stahls, to delve into the recent Apparel Decorators Summit in Nashville, TN as well as the START HERE Academy in Indianapolis and gain valuable insights into the future of the apparel decorating space. Jenna, who played a pivotal role in the newest hit band, Yellow Stitch Brigade, will provide a recap of the summit and seminars, highlighting Stahls’ involvement and contributions. We’ll explore the key takeaways, trends, and innovations discussed, and examine their impact on the industry. Furthermore, Jenna will share her perspectives on the evolving landscape of apparel decoration, discussing emerging technologies, market trends, and the shifting demands of customers. Don’t miss this engaging conversation with Jenna Sackett as we dive into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for the apparel decorating community.

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Future of Apparel Decorating

Aaron: Welcome to the show, Josh. Feels like we just saw you! I’m sure some of our listeners are not familiar with the Apparel Decoration Summit. Can you give us a brief description of the event?

Aaron: Jenna – Great seeing you this week at the Apparel Decoration Summit! And being in the Yellow Stitch Brigade country band with you!! So, what was your opinion of the whole event overall?

Terry: (Talk about Song Writing experience) Welcome to the show, Jenna. We don’t read bios anymore. You’ve been here before but tell our listeners a little about yourself and how you found your way into our industry.

Terry: What was the reaction of the vendors and the attendees at this first event that you have heard Josh?

Aaron: Josh – 1st, is there a plan to do this event again next year? And what would you change from this year?

Aaron: Jenna – Stahls was a Keynote Sponsor so you had the opportunity to do Boardroom Case Study Presentations. What did you think about this concept, and how did those presentations go for Stahls?

Terry: A big part of the event was 20-minute one-on-one meetings between vendors and individual companies. Jenna – How would you compare this experience with a traditional trade show?

Aaron: Josh – Having the more traditional Expo coming up, how does the success of this event affect the future of the Expo?

Jenna – Do you feel an event like this might be a model for future face-to-face interactions between vendors and decorators?

Aaron: Josh – Anything we missed, what are some future things we should be looking for? We appreciate your insight today. We are going to talk to Jenna for a bit more, but will let you get back to it!

Terry: Let’s shift gears. What new products or technologies are on the horizon with Stahls?

Aaron: You’re out there among the decorators regularly. What new trends are you seeing in the marketplace?

Terry: In your time with Stahls, how have you seen customer demands or expectations changed?

Aaron: Jenna, how can our listeners reach out to you and to Stahls?