Finding and Retaining Employees


This week, William Boardman from outside our industry will join the 2 Regular Guys to discuss humans’ three basic needs. He’ll share insights and stories about focusing on human needs and how that can help us find and retain employees. And maybe even find and keep customers as well.


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A Guardian of the Galaxy

Retaining Employees

Aaron: William Boardman bio… No one of consequence, yet no one to trifle with! JK

Respiratory therapist, Storyteller, Journeyman Sheetmetal worker, Public speaker, (served in National Guard, Field Artillery unit/ Graduated from the Academy of Radio Broadcasting)

Terry: What is the first foundational truth? (We all want to know we are wanted)

Aaron: And the second foundational truth? (We all want to know our contribution is valued)

Terry: What’s the third foundational truth, William? (We all want to be inspired)

Aaron: How do we use this information in terms of finding employees, and then keep them?

Aaron: Where can people find you and what you do?

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5 Reasons to Keep Your Workplace Tidy

From someone who works with slobs… Crystal Rynn

  1. First impressions never have a second chance. A neat and orderly workplace instills greater confidence in potential customers and conveys professionalism and attention to detail.
  2. Increase productivity of employees. If you have to walk across the building for a piece of tape, or spend time looking for things that weren’t put back in their place you are wasting valuable time and energy with no benefit. Every workstation should have the materials needed on hand and they should be put back in their proper place when not in use so there’s never a hunt for tools to complete an otherwise quick and simple task.
  3. Reduce stress and foster an environment for happier employees. Clean and decluttered spaces tend to feel more relaxing and inspire a “feel good” feeling. You can also get more work done in less time giving greater feelings of accomplishment to employees. With the amount of time spent in the workplace you want to ensure workers are as comfortable as possible in their environment because happy employees are usually productive employees.
  4. Minimize hazards and safeguard employee health. In the event of an emergency having obstacles in the hallway can slow down or even prevent employees from leaving the building. Proper air filtration and cleanliness also help reduce sickness and lost workdays.
  5. Save money and keep things running smoothly. Untidy environments are distracting and distractions in the workplace can eat up valuable man-hours. Time is money, don’t let those little tasks like finding a piece of paper hold you or others back from actual productivity.

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