Catching up with the new SGIA President, Ford Bowers


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. We are excited for the first time to host Ford Bowers, the new president of SGIA. This will be a great opportunity for listeners to get to know Mr. Bowers and hear about his vision for the future of SGIA. He has been the president of SGIA since February of this year so we will also ask him about his first SGIA in Las Vegas and find out what future show hold for our industry.

We will also be announcing the nominees for this years REGGIE Awards, the industry’s only awards nominated and voted for by the people of the industry. This year’s list will be special as always and Aaron ad Terry are excited to share with you the nominees for the 4th annual awards.

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Catching up with SGIA President, Ford Bowers

Aaron: As we mentioned at the top of the show, we have SGIA President Ford Bowers joining us today. Ford, welcome to the show!

Aaron: Tell us a little about your background before taking on the reigns of SGIA.

Terry: We assume you’ve spent some time getting your feet on the ground in this fairly new position. What have been some challenges you’ve faced?

Aaron: Give us your run down of the 2016 SGIA show. How did it go from your perspective?

Terry: Where do you see our industry, particularly the Garment side in 5 years?

Aaron: What are your goals for SGIA both long and short term?

Terry: What is on the agenda for 2017 with SGIA?

Aaron: Thanks for joining us today. Where can our listeners contact you and contact SGIA?

Ford Bowers entered the printing industry as an account manager for Miller Zell, a leading retail/POP print and service provider, in 2006. He became the vice president and general manager of the Graphic Center at Miller Zell in 2008, leading the company through the transition from analog (screen and litho) to mostly digital print production. In January of 2016, he became the president and CEO of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, where he continues his involvement in the industry through SGIA’s focus on education, information and the development of its various imaging communities.

2016 REGGIE Awards Voting

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Welcome to the 2 Regular Guys Chat Room

ErichCampbell: Good morning, folks! 🙂
alanhowe01: good morning
ErichCampbell: I wonder if Gildan will ever go full retail- I’ve seen their direct decorated product in retail stores here, but I don’t think that’s in their core at all.
Aaron Montgomery: That is a great question, Erich. I don’t know anyone at Gildan, but we would love to get more from them. Maybe at ISS Long Beach, we can track someone down.
ErichCampbell: That would be awesome to chat with those folks and see if they’d talk about their direction.
Aaron Montgomery: The 2 Regular Guys are on it!!! 🙂
MattVassallo: What’s up fellas! Hope all is well.
Aaron Montgomery: Hey Matt!
ErichCampbell: We are like that too- getting more multi-segment as we develop, too.
Aaron Montgomery: Yeah, it seems to be the way things are going.
ErichCampbell: I need to talk to Aaron about sublimation and hard goods expansion. 🙂
MattVassallo: Aaron would be the man to talk to about that!
MattVassallo: What’s up Mr. Ellsworth?
ErichCampbell: Wow, Stahls star in the house! 🙂
MarshallAtkinson: Hello everyone!
ErichCampbell: Greetings, Marshall!
josh ellsworth: Good Morning Matt & Erich – trying to get my audio working so not hearing quite yet!
ErichCampbell: All stars today. 🙂
MattVassallo: Good morning Erich
MarshallAtkinson: Ask Ford about digital for apparel – lots of new machines coming out…M&R has a great one to compete with Kornit Paradigm
alanhowe01: hello , josh and marshall
Aaron Montgomery: Welcome in everyone.
MattVassallo: TRW is ready for that Eductional Seminar Instruction Ford. HAHA
MattVassallo: Morning Alan
MarshallAtkinson: Dallas – awesome!
ErichCampbell: Good morning, Matt!
alanhowe01: Morning Matt
ErichCampbell: Dallas is a driver for me, for sure. 🙂 More road trips!
MarshallAtkinson: Ok, who will be at ISS LB?
alanhowe01: I will be there
alanhowe01: Thanks Ford
MattVassallo: Everyone 🙂 Hopefully
MarshallAtkinson: I’ll be there Thurs – Sun this year… We need to all hook up!
ErichCampbell: I want to get out there, but I’m not sure it’s happening.
ErichCampbell: If I do, I have to finally meet up with so many of you folks that I keep missing.
MarshallAtkinson: Erich, you could call on all your movie and tv peeps
Aaron Montgomery: We are thinking about a 2 Regular Guys Meetup in Long Beach
ErichCampbell: I’m just a patch guy, man- they don’t need me hanging around the set. 😉
ErichCampbell: Besides, all my people are out here in ‘Tamalewood’.
ErichCampbell: #NMFilm is great business, though. 😉
ErichCampbell: Love that Glitter Flake. 😉
alanhowe01: they have great films
ErichCampbell: Love the subbed flake.
MarshallAtkinson: Alright Alan! Woohoo!
alanhowe01: wow , honored
ErichCampbell: So many awesome people there! Tough competition!
ErichCampbell: Go Alan!
alanhowe01: thanks erich
MarshallAtkinson: Buddy Jolly is awesome!
alanhowe01: thanks marshall
alanhowe01: go TEAM SAATI
ErichCampbell: Man, hard choices on all of these. 🙂 When the people choose, you get so many awesome companies.
alanhowe01: yea great choices , we have a great industry
MarshallAtkinson: Love it
ErichCampbell: You are one of the ones making it happen, sir. 🙂
ErichCampbell: This chat room is packed with the people who really give back
alanhowe01: GOOGLE PLUS ? LOL
MarshallAtkinson: William Shorter is fantastic
alanhowe01: he is a great guy
ErichCampbell: Embroider Life, fun!
alanhowe01: way to go AARON
Aaron Montgomery: Thanks Alan!
alanhowe01: my mom is running my compaign
ErichCampbell: Right on! 🙂
ErichCampbell: Guess I have a couple of blog fans. 🙂
MattVassallo: LOL Awesome!
alanhowe01: Honored
alanhowe01: wow a killer catagory, congrats all of you
MattVassallo: All Amazing. Honored
ErichCampbell: Hehehe
ErichCampbell: BTW, if you folks want to catch up now that all the PW Tune Up work is published, I’m down for another run. ErichCampbell: Alan, you are on it!
alanhowe01: thank you
josh ellsworth: Congrats to all on the nominations! Nice work Aaron and Terry, appreciate you doing this for the industry. I’m having audio issues so will catch the recording later.
alanhowe01: you are the Voice of experience Erich
alanhowe01: congrats to you Erich
ErichCampbell: Thanks!
ErichCampbell: hehehe
alanhowe01: Erich is the front runner in everything lol
ErichCampbell: Fan, guest host, whatever you have
ErichCampbell: not at all!
alanhowe01: thank you Josh
MarshallAtkinson: where is the voting link?
ErichCampbell: I see somany awesome people in here

2016 Industry Awards – #2016REGGIES

MattVassallo: Thank you all! Great show guys! Keep it up the amazing work eveyone! See you all in LB.
ErichCampbell: I nominated folks for some of these that weren’t me, I swear. 😉
ErichCampbell: Saw that on Greg’s feed- looks cool, guys!
alanhowe01: awesome show
alanhowe01: happy thanks giving to everyone
ErichCampbell: Happy turkey day, folks! Catch up with you all on social. 😉
ErichCampbell: Good luck!

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