FUNdamentals of High Flying Success


This week we welcome a certified Success Principles Trainer, Brian Davis to sit on the same side of the table with our very own Success Principles Trainer, Aaron Montgomery. Terry is going to be interviewing them about their project where they are creating the flight plan for ultimate success. We will discuss the 15 fundamentals and what it takes to be on the right path to success.


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  • COLDESI JOINS FORCES WITH MESA SUPPLIES – Two names in the commercial embroidery and apparel printing equipment world have announced they’re joining forces with Coldesi Inc. acquiring Mesa Supplies. Several decades ago, Mesa Supplies Inc. of Fort Worth, Texas, and ColDesi Inc. of Tampa, Florida, sold embroidery machines as SWF West and SWF East. Both companies renamed and grew over the years, adding direct-to-garment printers, white toner printers, rhinestone transfer machines, and expanding their respective e-commerce stores. Now the two will work together. ColDesi has expanded in recent years with the addition of Pantograms in 2017, Belquette in 2018, and in 2020.
  • EDMONTON MAN SETS RECORD FOR MOST T-SHIRTS WORN DURING A HALF MARATHON – Did you know there is a record for most T-shirts worn for a half marathon? There is, and it was recently broken by David Eliuk at Edmonton’s Hypothermic Half Marathon on Feb. 20. Eliuk wore 90 T-shirts on his body for the 13.1-mile race, shattering the previous record of 76, according to a report on Canadian Running. And if that wasn’t enough, he also laid down a respectable time of 2:37:54, though when it comes to T-shirt wearing records, time does not matter as long as the course is completed.

Dad Joke: Why can’t a cow understand what you are saying.

Because it goes in one ear and out the udder.

High Flying Success

Terry: The regulators know Aaron, and have been hearing about his journey with the Success Principles, but Brian, can you share your story and how you came to be teamed up with Aaron?

Brian: A Set-back is a Setup for a Comeback…How I got my MOJO back. 

Terry: As Aaron mentioned in the intro you guys are working on a half-day workshop called the FUNdamentals of High Flying Success. Where did this come from? 

Aaron: Meet in a program called Virtual Skills Bootcamp and are part mastermind group with other VSB Graduates. Back in early December Brian and I and the other 3 Mastermind members did a really cool presentation called Mastering 2022. If people want to check it out they can find it at – This to us seemed like a potential next step. Some of the other Mastermind Members are working on their own program as part of the next level certification so it is all really nice synergy and allows us to create and share together.

Aaron: Explain FUNdamentals

Terry: Why might a garment or product decorator care about this for their business?

Brian: How I do anything is how I do everything….It’s an Inside job 😉

Aaron: These principles are the roadmap, or the flight plan when you have an aviation guy like Brian. So while they might seem a bit woo-woo in concept, in practice, these are all the tools you need to be successful. Without having this framework, it doesn’t matter how good of a screen printer you are, how great your digitizer is, or even what you know about Facebook marketing. Success has been proven to follow this formula, and why not make it part of your daily habits to make getting there faster? 

Terry: So what are the FUNdamentals of High Flying Success?

Brian: (3 Section – Ready, Aim, Fire) – Why?

Terry: Can you share more about what being Ready for success is?

Brian: Ready…… Cleaning UP, Clearing out SPACE for room to grow….before creating a new Plan.  Retooling.

Aaron: Now I don’t have much other perspectives as I live and breathe garment and product decorating, but it seems like especially in Facebook Groups we are great at complaining and commiserating. And it at times seems like a competition. Who has it worse. But when you make yourself ready for success, you drop out of the Ain’t It Awful Club and you find the solution people, you have the best year ever in the middle of a pandemic, you surround yourself with what you need. You earn trust (Agreements) – You build Self Trust (Messes)

Terry: And what specifically does it mean to Aim for success?

Brian: Aim…..Create your plan, Ideals, Vision, Mission, Goals, Actions, Affirmations, the Roadmap to go from where you are to where you want to be.  Using proven tips, techniques, the Tools that are the FUN-damentals, the Foundational Tools that help build the new Tools. And then Aaron will show you how to stay on course with Proven actionables.  How to Use new Action Tools, power tools,  strategies.  

Terry: Last but not least Fire? What strategies does that include?

Aaron: All about taking action. No matter how much you learn, how much you know, or what resources you have around you, none of it matters one bit until you take action. Until you start moving forward you can’t create any lift under your wings. So we need to address what is holding us back from action, like fear. We need to figure out how to take action in the face of fear. And then we need to be able to tune or make course corrections after taking the action so each time our actions get better. So we need to ask, and also need to listen for feedback. Finally, surround yourself with a Mastermind – Something I’m going to be talking about more tomorrow on Small Business Saturdays over at Two or more brains working together to create more than just the sum of its parts.

Terry: Where can people learn more?

Aaron: The FUNdamentals for High Flying Success – Your guide to be ready for success, aim towards your life purpose, and take positive actions daily. – Sign up to be the first to know and grab your seat for this limited event. Plus we have a FREE Affirmations Guide for you at

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5 Things to do When Feeling Overwhelmed

From Aaron Montgomery, Our Success Group

  1. Switch it up. Go to a different room or step outside
  2. Find at least one thing, ANYTHING, you are grateful for. 
  3. Ask for help from a trusted source. 
  4. Ask yourself; What is the one extremely simple thing I can do RIGHT NOW?
  5. Take ACTION! Build Moment to Overcome

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